Reminiscing with #SentiSabado

Last Saturday, I got caught in a game played by Filipino netizens in Twitter. This game used the hashtag #sentisabado and participants should tweet anything that happened or could be found during their high school or their grade school days.

Sentisabado stands for “sentimental sabado.” Sabado is Saturday in English. I first noticed #sentisabado in the tweet of @trish_roque. After that, I noticed more and more of my Twitter contacts are tweeting #sentisabado.

The game sounds fun so I joined in. Some of tweets reminiscing my school days include:

1. “Waking every Saturday morning to watch Disney cartoons.” – Well I like those times when I only turn on the TV during Saturday morning and watch old Mickey Mouse cartoons, Silly Symphony, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, Timon and Pumba, and many more. Maybe it is good to be young again.

2. “Watching informative shows like 5 and UP. Atom Araullo and Chyna Hortaleza are youngsters back then.” – I grew up watching such informative shows. Other shows are Batibot, Sineskwela, Mathinik, and Hiraya Manawari. It seems that local TV nowadays abandoned its responsibility to educate the youth.

3. “Hearing my classmates debate on what is the best boy band: A1, Westlife or Backstreet Boys.” – My girl high school classmates went gaga over these boy bands while my male classmates are talking about Linkin’ Park, Limpbizkit, and Eminem. That’s our music back then. No Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber yet.

4. “Piko, patintero, agawan base, block one two three.” – The time when computer games are never heard of yet. We always go out of the house to play with our neighbors these street games. We are all sweaty, exhausted, and sometimes bruised after every game but we really have much fun.

Well, these are some of my reminiscing and it kinda made memories of childhood flash back in my mind. I miss a lot of things in my childhood days. These reminiscing made me enjoyed #sentisabado but what is more enjoyable is the fact that you see hundreds of Filipinos sharing their memories of their childhood. It is great to see hundreds of tweets wherein you could say that, yeah! That same thing happened to me too. And that is delightful.


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  1. Hahahaha!!! My time - not even Westlife or Backstreet Boys. Elvis Presley or Cliff Richard, Beatles or Rolling Stones... I'm so old! :(

  2. ahhhhhh... laro pala ung #sentisabado na un. haha. even celebrities tweet that. kala ko naman parang fan page or something. haha

    i like the best boy bands fight... ang cute nun. i remember when i was so addicted playing westlife's song and also backstreet boys. but i think BSB were better. hahaha. :))

    miss ko na rin maglaro ng mga street games... like piko. ang galeng ko kaya dun kahit na super taba ko dati. wahaha. kaya ngayon pag nakikisali ako sa mga pinsan ko, they were like "cge2 ate kakampi kita ah!" thinking im really good since im old already. lol. :p

  3. @Suitapui

    Don't be :( Many people want to live during the time of Elvis and the Beatles. That time is the Golden Era of the World's Music.

    @Tine: for me naman, I prefer 98 Degrees. :-P Sobrang addicted sila dati sa mga boy bands na 'yan. Usong uso pa noon yung mga Song Hits na puro lyrics lang ng song yung laman.

    Nice ah. Kung magkakaroon ng competitive piko eh iiwasan kitang makalaban. ^_^


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