End of the Month Roundup - May 2014

It seems that the end of May means the end of very hot weather. Storms occur almost daily. Rain is a welcome respite from deadly heat of sunny day but it bring soaked shoes and socks that I really hate.

Enough of gloomy June forecasts for now, let us reminisce the sunny May.

This May, me and My Beloved Wife Lei had a very important milestone in our married life. Two red lines confirmed that we now have a child. Our baby is already one month old during Lei's first check-up.

There's an idea in my head about a blog that chronicles my adventure a father and husband. That blog will serve as my journal and, hopefully, a reference for clueless fathers like me. The good news is that that blog just came alive, and Lei requested its inception. I named that blog “Fatherly Ish” and I do hope that you visit it and share your thoughts on being a father (and a mother for moms out there). You comments/advices will surely me in goal of being a good husband and father.

Fatherly Ish

Oh, by the way, My Beloved Wife has now a “name”. She is Leilani of House Ahab. So don't be surprised if you see more “Lei” instead of “My Beloved Wife”.

Lei is already pregnat but my travel – personal blog is months delayed because I'm still posting about our wedding preparation. In fact, I suspended my posts about Thailand which I left more than a year ago. I have a lot of travel stories that are yet to see the light of day like my travel to Olongapo City, Northern Samar, and Cagayan de Oro; return trips to Cebu; and our husband-and-wife adventure in Palawan.

Gaaah! So much posts, so little time.

For this month, I posted about our search for wedding rings. I mentioned about that matapobre jeweller in Binondo Chinatown. In the end, we got our wedding rings from Suarez in SM MoA, where we also bought the hosts and wine as offertory during our wedding.


Equally important is our adventure in Dangwa, where we were surprised by a fixer. Good thing that we were not tricked and got a good florist.

Prenup Photoshoot in UP Diliman

I also talked about our prenup photoshoot in UP Diliman. It was a very exhausting event but the result is very good and yeah, we looked like artistas.

Of course, food will never be gone in my blog. I posted about the yummy espasol that Lei brought home from Laguna.


And, yeah, I posted about my attempts to cook adobong atay ng manok and tinolang bangus.

In Ahab Reviews and Tips, I posted about the cakes for Jollibee party, PUPCET, BPIExpress Online advisory for MERALCO subscribers, our Hanabishi induction cooker, and PRC license renewal in SM Business Center.

In Ampalaya News, I posted about the sad incident for a One Direction fan, the court case against ABS-CBN's Legal Wife, and Miriam Santiago the merman.

I want say "thank you" to super-regular-visitors-and-commenters Suitapui, Tin K, Foong, Rogie Ylagan, Jonathan, Milton, and Arianne the Bookworm. Your comments always makes me smile because at least 9 people regularly visit this humble blog. Also welcome to this month's new visitor: Olivr.

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