End of the Month Roundup - July 2014

Murder of Julius Caesar
(Source: Wikipedia)

“Et tu, Brute?” – these are the “dying words” of Julius Caesar as he was stabbed to death by his assassins.

“Et tu, Brute?” and with that July has ended. No, I am not saying that someone betrayed me or planning my death (but if we include the betrayal of President BS Aquino because of DAP then I can say “Et tu, Brute?” plenty of times).

July is that month when our baby (inside My Beloved Wife Lei’s womb) turned three months. I’m just waiting for another six months and then I will be seeing my firstborn. Good thing that Lei experienced fewer nausea spells but the sad part is that she caught a flu. She’s still coughing until now.

I admit that I’m struggling with Lei’s pregnancy and it its demands made me exhausted a few times. There were times that I lose my temper and this prompted me to post some tips on what to do when husbands lose their cool.

July is the first time me and Lei faced a storm together, as husband and wife. Typhoon Glenda ravaged many communities. We experienced blackouts but we were still fortunate because our electricity returned immediately after the typhoon passed near Metro Manila. Since I’m a blogaholic, I couldn’t resist taking a Youtube video of Typhoon Glenda’s wrath.

I continued posting about our wedding preparations in my personal-travel blog, Before the Eastern Sunset. I mostly posted about our search for wedding cakes in Red Ribbon Bakeshop, Goldilocks, Bakerite, Salazar Bakery, and Bakers’ Fair.

In the end, we ordered our wedding cake from Salazar Bakery.

Our wedding cake from Salazar Bakery

Our search for wedding souvenirs brought us under the bridge near Quiapo Church and the arts and craft center of Divisoria.

I also posted about what we learned about Max’s Restaurant wedding celebrations.

In Ahab Reviews and Tips, I posted about our Condura refrigerator and the updated index of Marikina Fault Line maps.

The corruption in PNoy’s administration and their unconstitutional Development Acceleration Program (DAP) irritated me so much that I couldn’t help but make fun of it, especially PNoy’s call for yellow ribbon campaign.

PNoy fan filled with yellow ribbons

August is upon us, which means that it’s just a month away before the “Ber” months and the start of the extended Christmas season in the Philippines.

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  1. Gosh!!! 3 months already? Congrats. God bless both the baby and mum and you too, all the best in all that lie ahead. Cheers!


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