My Eight Tips for Your Prenup Photoshoot

Tips for Prenup Photoshoot

Our prenup photoshoot in UP Diliman was a unique experience for me and My Beloved Wife Lei. We experienced being photographed by a professional photographer and posed like artistas. The last time I was photograph like that was in a studio for the college yearbook, but that experience is nothing compared to our prenup.

We learned a great deal that after our prenup photoshoot, which I wished we learned prior to that event. Since it’s too late for us, let me just share it to you, Dear Reader, so you’ll not commit the same mistakes as we did.

Here are my tips for your prenup photoshoots:

1. Be clear about your deal with the photographer. Our photographer promised infrared photography but he broke that promise. Remember that suppliers are quick to give promises but if it is not written in the contract then those are nothing but empty words.

2. Book make-up artist first before the prenup photoshoot so you can use their trial make-up during the photoshoot.

3. Get suggestions from the photographer but don't let him control everything. Inject your own ideas so your and your spouse-to-be's personality will take the center stage. You should do this because photographers have the tendency to repeat their style, their props, and their gimmicks.

4. Prepare your own props. This may save you a lot of money and add your personality in the prenup photoshoot.

5. Stock up lots of patience. Smiling and posing in front of the camera is exhausting.

6. And since you'll be smiling a lot, make sure your pearly whites are clean. A visit to the dentist would be good before your photoshoot.

7. Make sure that you have the necessary permits for the venue of your prenup photoshoot. Inform the venue administrators about the photoshoot to avoid hassles and embarassment.

My last and, I think, important tip for you is:

8. Treat well the photographers, make-up artists and all the people doing your prenup photoshoot. It is just the right way to do. Of course, the side effect of this that these people will also treat you well and they will be motivated to give their best shots.

I guess that there are more tips and lessons that I forgot to mention in this blog post. I think that other married couples can share their ideas in the combox.


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  1. and don't forget the food. and have backup plans just in case the weather suddenly changes. :)


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