I Cooked Adobong Atay ng Manok

Pregnant women, especially those in the early weeks of pregnancy, are demanding when it comes to food. Some men that their wives asked them to search for a specific kind of fruit that is very hard to find in the palengke (local market). My Beloved Wife Lei had the same quirk, though not of the exaggerated kind.

One morning, Lei asked me to cook adobong atay ng manok (chicken liver in soy sauce). I immediately ran to the palengke to buy one-half kilo of chicken liver and heart. Aside from the chicken, I prepared the following ingredients:

Bawang (garlic) – 5 teeth
Onion – 1 piece
7 spoons of soy sauce
3 spoons of vinegar
Laurel leaves
Paminta (pepper) – buo

Ingredients for adobong atay ng manok
Ingredients for adobong atay ng manok.

Here’s how I cooked adobong atay ng manok:

1. I prepared the ingredients by slicing the sibuyas and bawang

2. Sauté sibuyas and bawang until the latter become golden brown.

3. Place the atay and puso ng manok and sauté for 3 minutes.

4. Add the paminta and laurel leaves.

5. Pour 7 spoons of soy sauce and 3 spoons of vinegar. Let it simmer until the vinegar and soy sauce mixture is almost gone.

Cooking adobong atay ng manok is easy and I think that I did fairly well on this one.

Unfortunately, Lei didn’t like it. She said that she didn’t like the smell. So, I am the one who ate all of the atay and puso ng manok.

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  1. Hmm, another thing to watch out, cooking. This is one thing I cannot do just because I don't have the luxury to do marketing, buy ingredients and prepare them for cooking. The convenience of fastfood and stalls around my place is my saving grace.

    I always read My beloved wife and now she has a name, he,he.

    1. Naku, cooking is another that you should learn. Kahit di-masarap-na-cooking basta ang mahalaga ay makaya mong maghanda ng sarili mong pagkain. :-)

      Yes she has a name, because lagi na lang siyang nababanggit sa aking blogs.

  2. This wasn't one of the dishes I was craving for when I was pregnant but I do look for this dish now from time to time. Hehehe! =)

    1. She is not craving for this too. Makes me wonder why she asked me to cook this.

  3. throw in some gizzards (balunbalunan) there. yum yum!

  4. Chicken liver? I prefer pork liver, not so soft...but I don't mind chicken or beef. The gizzards, no, thank you. I don't touch those. :D

  5. You may want to try adding some ginger next time to get rid of the smell.

    1. I will do that next time. :-) Thank you for the comment.

  6. Eating balunbalunan was my favorite when I was in 5 months of pregnancy with my first baby. Grabe talaga, pinapaluto ko talaga sa asawa ko kahit maumay na siya kumain nun. Hahahaha! Pero siyempre, nag iingat din ako pagdating sa luto, baka masobrahan ng cholesterol sa katawan lalo na sa baby ko. Thanks for this recipe nga pala. Kamusta nga pala asawa mo?

    1. Haha...grabe talaga ang panlasa ng mga buntis. I remeber the time na pinaluto ako ni Mrs. Ahab ng adobong atay tapos di nya kinain. Ako tuloy ang kumain lahat.

      Asawa is doing fine. Lapit nang lumabas si Little Ahab 2.

      Salamat po sa pagbisita.


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