Our Prenup Photoshoot in UP Diliman


My Beloved Wife Lei's photo in UP Diliman

Photography is another important element for weddings. Photographs capture those precious moments that the mind may forgot. Because of this, we made sure that we hire a good team of photographer for our wedding.

Prenuptial photoshoot is usually included in the package being offered by wedding photographers. Prenup photos are not vital to the wedding ceremony so couples can do away with it. But for us, prenup photos added fun to our wedding preparations.

Our wedding photographer suggested two places for our prenup photoshoot, namely, UP Diliman and Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife. We chose UP Diliman, not only because it is my alma mater but also because it has more interesting places than Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife.

Prenup Photoshoot Preparation

Since we got very little help from other people, me and Chielo conceptualized and prepared our props. I bought balloons and other props in 168 Mall of Divisoria. We did the shopping for outfits. My Beloved Wife Lei patiently Googled for ideas. She is the one who made almost all of our handmade props.

Permit for Prenup Photoshoot UP Diliman

I read an article that mentioned of permit requirements for those who want to do professional photography inside the UP Diliman campus. Some commenters to that article mentioned that photographers can shoot guerrilla style by avoiding the security guards.

I didn’t want any hassle during our prenup photoshoot. Also, I couldn’t imagine us running away from security guards during our prenup. So, I went to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs (OVCCA) to inquire about the permit. Their only requirement for the permit is a request letter that contains the following information: date and time of prenup photoshoot, specific locations of photoshoot in UP Diliman, number of person involved in the photoshoot, and the student number of at least person involved in the photoshoot. The request letter should be emailed to ovcca.upd@gmail.com.

Their approval came via email a day after I send my request. The good thing is it’s free. This is one of the perks of being a UP Diliman alumnus.

Our Prenup Photoshoot in UP Diliman

The Carillon Tower of UP Diliman
North side of UP Amphitheater with the Carillon Tower at the background.

We did our photoshoot in four places in UP Diliman: (1) Quezon Hall, (2) UP Lagoon, (3) the Academic Oval, and (4) the Carillon Tower.

The Oblation and Quezon Hall in UP Diliman

Quezon Hall is good for prenup photoshoot because of its columns. It made us feel that we were somewhere in Greece or Rome. The columns went well with the Vintage theme for our prenup. Of course we wore vintage outfits. I wore a Fedora hat (sorry no pictures).

Lei’s sister and her pamangkin (nephew) served as our helper during our photoshoot. The pamangkin carried our props while her mother helped Lei with the make-up and her outfit.

Pamangkin carrying our balloons in UP Diliman
The pamangkin carrying our balloons.

We went to UP Lagoon for nature photography because the place has plenty of trees.

Trees in the Lagoon of UP Diliman
Trees of UP Lagoon.

Another perfect place for prenup photoshoot is the Academic Oval because the trees looks like big archs.

Academic Oval of UP Diliman

Our photoshoot was done in the whole afternoon. We were tired at the end of it. Now I know how hard it is for actors and actresses to pose in front of the camera. Smile must be flashed even in the time of exhaustion.

UP Diliman is a good place for photoshoot. There are more places that you can try like the buildings of AS and College of Engineering. You may also try the Sunken Garden. So, practice that pose and that smile so you can have a good prenup photoshoot.

Wedding Prep blog series chronicles our adventures as we prepared for the Big Day. I hope that these blog posts help those who are preparing for their wedding day.

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  2. Oh! Went back to your alma mater to shoot your prenup photos. Nice! I love those trees!! :)

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