Finally, About BonChon

Koreans have been invading the Philippines for many years now. They'd invaded Philippine TV with their dramas (my favorite of which are Jumong and Dae Jang Geum). Hordes of Korean nationals come to the Philippines to learn English or visit our beaches. The Philippines food industry was invaded as well and BonChon was one Korean restaurant that led the invasion.

I love BonChon

When Filipinos talk about fried chicken, the most mentioned restaurant is Jollibee then followed maybe by McDonalds or KFC. It was a tough battle for BonChon but it managed to make Filipinos (or at least Metro Manilans) go gaga over its fried chicken.

BonChon's fried chicken is a good respite from the fried chicken of Jollibee. Although, there was a time that BonChon's chicken tasted like its frozen for many days in the freezer.

Many people are crazy about BonChon chicken but, for me and My Beloved Wife Lei, our favorite is the BonChon calamari partnered with their special sauce.

Calamari and fried shrimp from BonChon
BonChon calamari with fried shrimp.

The calamari and the shrimp tastes good while it's hot. And yes, BonChon serves their meals straight from the kitchen.

BonChon special sauce
BonChon special sauce.

Lei likes the BonChon special sauce. We usually order and extra of it because it's container is too darn small.

BonChon wants me to diet whenever I dine at their place because their rice is also small. Filipino diners who are “makanin” (wants to eat plenty of rice) are warned.

A meal from BonChon

I notice the cleanliness in the many BonChon branches that we visited. This is another plus point for BonChon because I like eating in clean restaurants, especially if they're inside a mall.

Inside BonChon Liberty Shaw Boulevard
BonChon Liberty Shaw.

Because of their yummy calamari, I am sure that Lei will have another BonChon craving. I guess that BonChon will be a part of our list of “go-to” restaurants for a very long time.


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  1. We have a Korean fried chicken franchise, Pelicana, in town...but this one looks nicer - has calamari and shrimp, not just chicken.

    1. I don't know if there's Pelicana here in Metro Manila. Would like to try that restaurant and compare it with BonChon.

  2. fave ko rin ang bonchon. and yeah, it's also a go to place for me during lunch time. laging chicken din order ko and their coleslaw. thanks for suggesting calamari. will try this one TODAY. :D


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