Wedding Prep: Mass Offertory Items for Philippine Weddings

Wedding is both social and spiritual affair. This is especially true for Catholic weddings that’s why wedding ceremonies or the Sacrament of Matrimony is celebrated within the Holy Mass. Because Catholic wedding ceremony is in a Holy Mass, we also bought items for the offertory: mass wine, candles, and the hosts.

Hosts and Mass wine from St. Paul's

After we got our wedding rings from Suarez Wedding Rings, we visited the SM MoA branch of St. Paul’s for the offertory items.

St. Paul’s is more known as a bookstore of Catholic books and reading materials but the shop also sells religious items, including the items used for mass like the Mass wine and the hosts.

Cardinal Mass Wine from St. Paul's

It was suggested that we buy the Mompo brand for the Mass wine. Unfortunately, St. Paul’s didn’t have that brand. What we bought is the Cardinal Mass Wine, which is still valid Mass wine as the Mompo brand. St. Paul's also sell Vino de San Pablo and Paulus Mass Wine.

Mass wines from St. Paul's Store for mass offertory items for Philippines wedding
(Source: St. Paul's Store)

Vino de San Pablo and Paulus Mass Wine costs 295 Philippine pesos per bottle.

For the hosts, we bought the 500-piece made the nuns of the Carmel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary or the Carmelites. It costs 135 pesos per pack.

We also bought rosary rings, which we wore during our wedding.

Rosary Ring

We also bought a copy of the Holy Bible to be blessed by the priest on our wedding day. This Bible will serve as our family Bible.

The Mass wine, hosts and other spiritual things that are important for the wedding ceremony are usually eclipsed during wedding preparations. This should not be the case, especially if you’re a Christian. Christian Catholic weddings should be an encounter between God and the couple.


Wedding Prep blog series chronicles our adventures as we prepared for the Big Day. I hope that these blog posts help those who are preparing for their wedding day.

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