Calda Pizza Surprise

Last week, my officemates decided to have pizza as the merienda (snack) for the afternoon. So, they went cubicle to cubicle asking for contributions for the pizza. Like the usual, the pizza delivery man was late. We are waiting for the pizza for more than an hour and many of my officemates are pissed off because it is almost time to go home. An officemate even planned to berate the pizza delivery guy. All the rantings and shouting did not pushed through when they saw the pizza delivery guy. The anger was replaced with laughter when we saw the delivery guy having a hard time carrying a HUGE box of pizza, as if he was Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders.

Oh yes. That pizza is huge and that pizza is "Calda Pizza."

Calda Pizza is a popular pizza joint in Cebu. Now, Calda Pizza is invading the other parts of the Philippines as well. What made this pizza joint popular is its giant pizza. I believe that only Calda Pizza gives delivery men a hard time in carrying pizza and this is what gives Calda Pizza the WOW factor.

My officemates ordered the a thin crust Calda Pizza, with a diameter of 36 inches. The pizza costs 1,290 pesos.

My Verdict for Calda Pizza

Calda Pizza is really huge, and that's it. There is no other factor that makes Calda Pizza special other than its size. Frankly, pizza from the mainstream pizza joints tastes better than Calda Pizza. I also found their pizza's crust a little dry, which made it hard for me to swallow it. I almost choke because of the dryness.

Calda Pizza is not that bad but I think that the owner of this pizza brand should focus on making Calda Pizza stand out in terms of taste. Having a huge size is interesting but when it comes to food, taste is the factor that makes customers come back and order more.

How to Order Calda Pizza

To know more information about Calda Pizza, visit the Calda Pizza Facebook page. Just click on the info page and you will see the telephone numbers of branches of Calda Pizza. As of the moment, the available Calda Pizza branches in Metro Manila are located in Mandaluyong City and in P. Noval, Espanya, Manila.


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  1. Ahahahhahaha I also ordered that huge pizza from Calda few weeks ago. Andami namin kumain nung pizza... ahahahhahaa... ordinary lang naman ang lasa... typikal pizza ika nga. And yeah it's just special because of its enormous size... ahahahhahahaha... Pinahirapan niyo pa pala ang delivery boy magbitbit... hehehehhe

  2. Hehe! Oo Xprosaic. Tawa nga nang tawa yung mga ka-opisina ko. Parang pasan niya ang daigdig dahil sa pizza na dala niya.

  3. The logo looks like a rip-off from CocaCola and unfortunately, the pizza doesn't make me drool... LOL!!

  4. sarap. Gusto kong kumain ng pizza

  5. ang laki naman nyan haha... ewan ko lang kung may Clada Pizza kami dito
    Ilan bang hati ang nagawa nyan?

  6. @STP:

    Yeah! You are right there my friend. This looks like the Coca Cola logo.

  7. @Diamond:

    Bili ka ng pizza d'yan sa lugar mo. ^_^

  8. @Blue:

    Maraming hati. Pero di triangular yung hati. Square square.

  9. i missed calda. :D makakain nga mamaya. he he

  10. @Arvin:

    ^_^ Ok din itong Calda Pizza.

  11. The pizza does look huge! So it does not taste nice? Then I prefer a smaller and tastier pizza haha!!

    Poor pizza delivery man for having to carry such a large pizza! Haha!

  12. @Foong:

    Yeah...poor pizza delivery guy. ^_^

  13. masarap siya lalo pag gutom ka.:-)
    tulad nung kumain kame ang naubos ko ay 4 slices.

  14. @Megumi:

    Waw. Nakarami ka ng slices ah. :-D


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