Restore the Churches! Restore Bohol!

Philippine towns, more often than not, trace their beginning with the establishment of a church. That’s why the old churches are usually located just across the government building at the poblacion. Old churches are the silent witnesses of the comings and goings of time. They house the souls of the town and in their halls generations after generations of Filipinos were baptized, married and were given the final rites.

The destruction of old churches in many towns of Bohol due to last year’s earthquake is a painful blow to Boholanos. Losing their churches left a big hole in their hearts.

Loboc Church before and after the 2013 Earthquake
Loboc Church, before and after the earthquake. (Source: Bahay ng Diyos Foundation website)

Rebuilding ruined houses is not enough. Their spirit has to be rebuilt too and one way to do that is by restoring the old churches ruined by the earthquake. Bahay ng Diyos Foundation is doing just that and they are now in initial stages of restoring the heritage churches in the province of Bohol.

Bahay ng Diyos Foundation
(Source: Bahay ng Diyos FB page)

Bahay ng Diyos Foundation is a Catholic organization that focuses of rebuilding, renovation, and refurbishing of churches and religious facilities around the country.

The restoration of heritage churches in Bohol is one of the many projects of Bahay ng Diyos Foundation. Their project map shows that they have projects in Pangasinan, Palawan, Bicol Region, Zamboanga, and Davao.

Rebuilding churches requires money and other resources. That’s why Bahay ng Diyos Foundation is calling on those with generous hearts to help them in their endeavour. Please visit the Bahay ng Diyos Foundation website for details on how to support their projects.

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