Wedding Prep: Florists in Dangwa

Searching for florists in Dangwa is easy since flower shops are everywhere. The good thing is that many of them are expert when it comes to weddings. One thing that you should not forget when you go to Dangwa is the presence of fixers. Avoid them like the plague. Read my first blog post about Dangwa to read how we dealt with a suspected fixer.

Manila Flower Center a.k.a. Dangwa

It was afternoon when we visited Dangwa. We rode a Blumentritt-bound jeep across Quiapo Church and paid the minimum fare. We got down when our jeep crossed Lacson Avenue and noticed the flower shops at the side streets.

My Beloved Wife and her friend searching for florist in Dangwa
My Beloved Wife and her friend searching for Dangwa florists.

We visited around 5 flower shops that day. Of the 5, we met only one florist who is masungit and didn't want to talk to us. That florist, who I will call Mrs. CMP, just handed out a flyer and shooed us away. I don't know if her style worked with other couples but it certainly didn't work on us.

We visited Ms. Nida Emy's shop after our escape from the fixer. Unlike Mrs. CMP, she talked to us nicely (and warned us of Dangwa fixers). This was her offer: bride's bouquet – 800 pesos (white and pink local roses), mini-bouquet for maid of honor and 3 bridesmaids – 1,600 pesos, corsage for 7 ninangs – 245 pesos, boutonniere for 7 ninongs – 175 pesos, baskets of flowers for 4 flower girls – 600 pesos, boutonniere for the best man and 3 grooms men – 100 pesos. We didn't avail of her package but since she treated us well, Ms. Nida Emy deserves a shout out. Contact her at mobile numbers 0928-399-0803 and 0915-921-5185.

Funeral flowers for sale in Dangwa
Flowers for sale by Ms. Nida. I think these flowers are for funerals.

The next flower shop that we visited is Myra's Flower Shop at Stall # 30 (mobile phone no. 0921-410-2187). She offered 5,000-peso package with 300 pesos delivery charge. Her offer includes the bride, groom, maid of honor, 3 bridesmaids, 5 ninongs, 5 ninangs, and 4 flower girls. She offered free petals, throw bouquet, and offertory basket.

The last flower shop that we visited is May Flower Shop at Stall # 12 (telephone nos. 475-6254 & 475-6253, and mobile phone no. 0921-767-5999). I was impressed when I entered their flower shop because of the sheer number of beautiful flowers.

Beautiful flowers in Dangwa

The shop owners, Raffy and May, treated us well and answered all our questions courteously. They gave My Beloved Wife time to look at their album. They also gave good suggestions after listening to our requirements.

Searching for Flowers in Dangwa

My Beloved Wife, at that time, wanted a pink and lavender motif for our wedding. So, the package that Raffy and May offered followed that motif. They offered 5,000-pesos package with 500 pesos delivery charge. Their package include the bride, groom, maid of honor, 3 bridesmaids, 4 flower girls, 5 ninongs, 5 ninangs, 2 fathers, 2 mothers, best man, and three groomsmen. Also included are centerpiece flowers for 10 tables for the wedding reception.

May Flower Shop's offer is the best that we got that day. However, we did not avail of their services because we chose the florist recommended by a friend.

So, that's ends my blog post about our adventure in Dangwa. Some important lessons that I want to share to soon-to-be-wed couples are the following:

1. Never deal with Dangwa fixers. They may offer low prices but their service might be disappoint you, that is if they show up and deliver what they promised.

2. Leave the flower shop if you notice that the florist (or their minions) is not treating you courteously. It is an obvious sign that they will be a problem because they're already rude while you're still a prospective client. Think of how ruder will they get if they already have your money.

3. Never hesitate to ask questions. Squeeze as much details as you want. It is your wedding and prospective florists must prove that they can make your Big Day beautiful.


Wedding Prep blog series chronicles our adventures as we prepared for the Big Day. I hope that these blog posts help those who are preparing for their wedding day.

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  1. Just like in your other post, when someone treats us badly, all we have to do is walk away. They don't like us customers, then we don't like them as sellers. There are so many to choose from. This reminds me of Paklong Talat, have you been there when you were here before?

    1. You are correct Kuya Jonathan. It's our money so we have the right to give it to the most worthy seller. So, for those who treat their customers badly, sorry na lang kayo.

      I haven't been to Paklong Talat. Is that another market like the Chatuchak?

  2. Thank you. this blog was so helpful.

  3. Thank you .. What is the best shop for wedding entourage


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