Furious for a Cool Car

Last week, I watched the movie “Fast and Furious” in TV5. I couldn’t help but be amazed by the cool cars that were showcased there. There are cars that have great design and paint jobs. There is a car that was transformed by the owner into a big stereo and have loudspeakers under the hood. Of course, there are cool cars that have amazing lights. There blinking lights, multi-colored lights, truck tail lights, and other kind of lights.

The best bit, of course, is when they started running their cool cars for the races. Racing is such a serious business and all of the racers modified their engines to make it run faster. They even have nitro to boost the speed of their cars.

The movie had me thinking if there was really a place in USA where young people are serious in having races on the streets. We also have such street racing here in the Philippines, but not as cool as shown in the movie.

I also happened to watch the second installment of “Fast and the Furious” wherein the story is focused on drifting, instead of the normal racing. Drifting is quite different from the normal racing because it requires talent in cornering and turning left or right without hitting the wall or the gutter of the street.

If I will ever fancy to have those kinds of car, then I will put many lights on my car. I will put bright headlights and truck tail lights. I will make car to be as fast as the ones I see in Formula 1 racing. However, before I ever dream of those things, maybe I should learn how to drive. But then again, as I had said to my friends, I would only buy a car if I can already afford to have my own driver.

Those are my ideas for cars. How ‘bout you guys? What is your dream car?


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  1. galing magmaneho ng mga bida dun...^_^...one day im gonna have my dream car and business...mechanic kasi si tay...

  2. One of my favorite action movie ang Fast and the Furious. Sobrang astig nung mga drifting skills nila dun ^_^

    Pero my favorite car would be the "Ferrari" :) Guwapong-guwapo ka pag meron ka nito hehe.

    Nga pala, meron kang award. Check out my blog.

  3. @Nicxter:

    Wow. Astig pala ang iyong dad. Maganda 'yan. Paturo ka rin sa kanya kung paano magmekaniko. Mas maganda na marunong kang mag-drive at marunong ka ring mag-ayos ng sasakyan mu.


    Uy, salamat sa award ah. I am honored. ^_^

    Ferrari talaga napili mu ah. Ako ang dream ko ay magkaroon ng army tank. Astig 'yun eh.


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