My 2010 Senatorial Candidates

Few days are remaining before we finally cast our votes for the candidates that we believe to have the capability and the character to lead the country.

However, many Filipinos are still undecided whom to vote for, especially when it comes to filling the 12 vacant positions for the Senate. This indecision was caused of the lack of focus that the Philippine media is giving to the Senatorial candidates as compared with presidential and vice – presidential candidates.

The Senate, together with the Lower House (Congress), forms the Legislative Branch of the Philippine Government. The Legislative Branch is the co-equal branch of the Judiciary and the Executive Branch of the government. The power of the Senate stems from the fact that its members are duly elected by the people. It is the Filipino people who gave the Senators the power to craft laws and be the force to serve as check and balances to the possible abuses of the other two governmental branches.

Because of this, choosing the Senators in the 2010 Elections is as important our bets for the posts of president and vice-president.

As for me, I have already chosen some candidates that I will vote in May 10. I am endorsing them to you dear readers and I hope that you vote for them too. Here are the candidates that I will surely vote in May 10:

Francisco “Kit” Tatad (No. 57)

Kit Tatad was one of the senators who sat in Joseph Estrada’s impeachment trial. Unlike his fellow senators who subscribed to dramatics to gain the attention of the media, Tatad chose to stick to the rules prescribed by the constitution and the internal rules of the Senate. This is what I admired for this man that is why I will vote for him.

Gwendolyn Pimentel (No. 44)

Despite being the daughter of Senator Nene Pimentel, Gwen is out to create a name for her. I’ll be voting for her because we share the same stand regarding the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill. We both believe that the current version of the RH Bill have provisions that is unconstitutional and somewhat tramples on the basic rights of the Filipino people. Because of her belief, she got a vote for me.

Jo Aurea Imbong (No. 21)

She is one of the senatorial bet of the Ang Kapatiran Party and a newbie when it comes t national politics. However, she is not new when it comes to public service. She has a consistent track record in supporting activities that protects the Filipino family. For that, she gets my vote.

Tatad, Pimentel, and Imbong are the senatorial candidates that I will vote for in the elections in May 10. I do hope that you vote for them too because they will serve as our vanguard in the august halls of Senate.

I still have 9 Senatorial candidates to choose for so as to complete the 12 Senatorial slates. So far, I am considering Neric Acosta (No. 1), Alex Lacson (No. 23), and Bong Bong Marcos (No. 32).

How about you dear reader, who is your Senatorial bets? What can you say about the senatorial candidates that I am still considering? Are they worthy of my vote? Please share your thoughts and leave a comment.

Please vote Kit Tatad (No. 57), Gwen Pimentel (No. 44), and Jo Imbong (No. 21) for Senator in May 10.

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  1. Oh, Actually i also want to post about halalan and the candidates that i'll be voting. Maybe you heard in the news that there are problems in PCOS bacuse the votes aren't tallying when it comes to local positions. I am worried about this, i am excited for Automated election, if the count will be manual the comelec is still not prepared plus the money and the time they spent for this "New Type" of election will be wasted!.

    I hope that everything will be fixed even if there are only few days left!.

    Proud to be a half-blood Filipino!:)

  2. Many people are worried about what is happening with the PCOS machines just few days before the elections. I am worried to becaues there is a possibility that all of my time waiting for this election will come to nothing because the PCOS machine might not accept my ballot.

    If that happens, I will be totally furious.

    Yeah, write about your candidates. That is the best way of giving your support for them. That is also your privilege and duty as a Pinoy blogger.

    Let us spread the word about this election so as to empower our kababayans.

  3. Sino man manalo, sana may magbago sa sistema ng bansa natin at nang makauwi na ako sa Pinas :D

  4. this is my first time to vite ish.. and i'll go for Miriam Defensor, drillon, pimentel, enrille and sotto... the rest are not yet final haha

  5. @Lord CM:

    Sana nga may mabago for the better. Marami na tayong kababayan, na tulad, mo na gustong gusto nang makauwi sa atin. Ika nga nila eh, there is no place like home.


    Wow, nakalima ka nang candidates ah. Pakidagdag naman yung mga manok ko sa listahan mo. ^_^

    (Hehe...shameless endorsement)


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