Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers

Today, I join the whole world in greeting all mothers a happy and blessed Mother's Day!

What will be the fate of the world if there are no mothers to bear, rear and sacrifice for all of us. I bet that this world would be a dull one.

I remember the days of my youth when my mom is doing everything just to bring food to the table and support our education. My father has a job, but like many Filipino fathers, his salary is not enough to support the family. My mother didn't hesitate to wash other people's clothes and sell various things to increase the family income. She even had to humble herself to borrow money that will be used for our tuition every start of a semester.
Mother's Day
(Source: 100% Katolikong Pinoy)
I know that my mother sacrificed a lot for me. That's why I can say that I am so blessed to have her as my mother. I feel so loved even now that I am already a grown-up man.

Did you know that Mother's Day originated in the Catholic Church's fourth Sunday of Lent, which is the day when Mama Mary is honored as the mother of the Church?

Mama Mary is mother of Christians. Remember when Jesus, while He is nailed on the cross, told the beloved disciple (Saint John the Evangelist) that Mary is to be his mother. Thiese words of our Lord signify that He is appointing His mother to be the mother of all of his disciples. All of us, “modern day” Christians, are also her sons and daughters because we are the current disciples of her Son. That is why it is very fitting to greet Mama Mary a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.

Today is an extra special day because we also celebrate to feast of Our Lady of Fatima.
Our Lady of Fatima

I love you Mama Mary!


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  1. Happy mother's day to your mom!

  2. Happy Mother's Day po sa inyong mga nanay Ate Anney and Arvin.

  3. hi :) how did your mum enjoy yesterday?

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  4. Happy Mother's Day to your Mom Fishiee. We bought a cake and some ice cream last Sunday. Then we had lunch together as a whole family. That's the way we celebrated Mother's Day.

  5. Belated Mothers' Day greetings to your mum. God bless her always...

  6. Thank you very much STP. God bless your Mom too. ^_^


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