The Esplanade Reserve During Dusk

I mentioned in the previous post that one thing that I like with Framantle City is its large swaths of vegetation. Well, I happened to take a stroll on one of those swaths in the first day of my seminar in this city. I walked around Fremantle City's Esplanade Reserve as the sun went down.

The Esplanade Reserve is a large park located near the wharf of Fremantle City. It is located beside the railway and is just across the Esplanade Hotel. There is nothing much too see in this park but it is a good place to relax under the shade of trees.
Fremantle City - Esplanade Hotel

The Esplanade Hotel is one of the notable building in the vicinity of the Esplanade. This four star hotel was opened in1896.

The most noticeable feature in the Esplanade Reserve is its large Ferris wheel. Tourists will definitely like to take a shot of this Ferris wheel and use it as background for their souvenir photos.
Fremantle City Ferris wheel

There are some monuments located inside the Esplanade Reserve, one of which is this monument:
Monument at Esplanade Reserve, Fremantle City

This monument was erected in memory of Panter Hardinc, Coldwyer and Maitland Brown who were killed by the “treacherous” Maoris. An interesting feature of this monument is a plaque placed beneath the original plaque. The additional plaque explains the side of the Maoris involved in the death of the three “whites”. It countered the original plaque by saying that the Maoris just defended their land and twenty of them died during the incident. I guess this is how the Fremantle City government balances the story surrounding the event commemorated by this monument.
Fremantle City - Esplanade reserve plaque

Another interesting monument that I saw is this:
Fremantle City -Vasco da Gama

This is a monument dedicated to Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama. He discovered the maritime route from Europe to India. He has no connection with Fremantle City that's why I don't know why his monument is here.

Beyond the Esplanade, across the railway, is the Fremantle City wharf. I ate the delicious Fish n' Chips at a restaurant beside the wharf. I will talk about that restaurant in the next blog post.
Fremantle City wharf
Fremantle City walkway over the sea.
I just waited for the sun to come down before I retired to my hotel located along High Street. My short walk around Esplanade Reserve is refreshing. Breathing the cool fresh air is the best way to start the evening.


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  1. I like your photo of that ferris wheel! Nice : )

  2. Many interesting monuments here, eh? : )

  3. Foong

    Yeah. The photo of the Ferris Wheel is the best photo that I took during my stay in Fremantle City.

    Yes, there are many monuments in Esplanade Reserve.


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