My First Crocodile and Kangaroo

The Japanese is dying to taste kangaroo meat. He kept on inviting me to go to an Australian restaurant for a kangaroo dish. Thus, the three of us (me, the Japanese and the Korean) embarked on a foodtrip for the sake of tasting kangaroo meat.

An Australian friend told us that the best kangaroo meat in Fremantle City could be found in Outback Jacks.
Fremantle City - Outback Jacks

Outback Jacks is located along Essex Street and just a short walk from Fremantle Markets. We entered the restaurant and saw this threatening figure hanging from the ceiling:
Fremantle City - Crocodile of Outback Jacks

It seems like that the owner of Outback Jacks is a big man with muscled body because he was able to defeat that large crocodile! Looks like the giant crocodile is larger than Lolong. The owner of Outback Jacks should inform the Guinness Book of World Record about this giant croc.

We sat outside (alfresco) while waiting for our orders of beer and a plate of various meats. There is one condition if you chose to eat at Outback Jack's alfresco. The condition is you must surrender an ID. I think that the reason for this requirement is to prevent alfresco diners from leaving the restaurant without paying their bill.
Fremantle City - Alfresco of Outback Jacks
Alfresco of Outback Jacks

A light rain shower occurred a few minutes later which forced us to eat inside the restaurant, under the giant crocodile. We waited more than 10 minutes before our orders reached our table. Here's what we got:
Fremantle City - Meat dish of Outback Jacks

The dish that we got is composed of crocodile meat, calamares, lamb meat and (of course) kangaroo. I only expected to have kangaroo meat but I was surprised that the Japanese also ordered crocodile meat. This meant that I will eat two exotic meats, which are crocodile meat and kangaroo meat.

The verdict? Six thumbs up. The three of us like the taste of all meats present in that dish. The meats are perfect for our ice cold beer.

The crocodile meat tasted like chicken meat. The kangaroo meat, on the other hand, has a little bit of sweetness. Of the two meats, my favorite would be the kangaroo meat.

Our Australian friend mentioned that kangaroo meat is not only delicious but is also good for health. Kangaroo is rich in protein and low in fat. It also known that kangaroo meat has higher dose of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is considered as anti-carcinogenic and anti-diabetes.
Fremantle City - kangaroo

It's been a long time since I have eaten kangaroo meat and I miss it. It's good that the kangaroo meat that I ate behaved well in my stomach. I had a silly thought that it will jump around while it is being digested.

Satisfied with our dinner at Outback Jacks but still hungry for a chat, we decided to go to Fremantle City Wharf to have a taste of Australia's fish n chips.


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  1. Pati pala crocodile at kangaroo meat e tinitinda nila dyan.

  2. I have always wondered what Kangaroo meat tastes like. What a surprise to know it is sweet! And now, I know that crocodile tastes like chicken. Thank you for such an interesting blog:)

  3. so how does it taste Ish... I'm very intrigued with the Croco meat...
    it tastes like Chicken meat.. that's pretty surprising.. i thought it will be more like a squid hehe
    thanks for sharing Ish
    have a great day

  4. Crocodile meat is good too, they say...but no, thank you. I'm not so adventurous. No kangaroo too...but one time here, they were saying that the beef we imported from Australia was kangaroo...or horse! Never listen to rumours.

  5. Oh, and how much it costs you to have a taste of these exotic meat? Interesting, but I don't think I have the guts to try these... hehe

  6. siguro masarap din ang crocodile meat.....

  7. Oh, must surrender ID dining here?

  8. Wow! Never eaten kangaroo meat before! Wonder how it tastes like!

  9. Anney

    Opo. Nagbebenta sila ng karne ng crocodile at kangaroo. Specialty nila ang luto ng mga karne na yon.


    Yup. They taste that way. I hope that you can taste kangaroo and croc meat in the future. Thank you for the visit.


    Haha. Crocodile and squid are very different animals. I think that the croc meat tastes like chicken because the reptiles and birds related, biologically. Birds are descendants of ancient reptiles.


    Ha ha. Yup. Never listen to rumors. It is not good. Too bad that you are not that adventurous when it comes to food. There are many delicious exotic foods out there. You will miss them.


    I don't remember how much it costs. The Japanese is the one who paid for our meals in Outback Jacks.


    Anong crocodile ba ang tinutukoy mo? Yung hayop or yung nasa kongreso?


    Go to Australia so you can taste kangaroo meat. It would be a great adventure for you.

    Yes, ID must be surrendered if you are eating at the tables outside Outback Jacks.

  10. aww i feel pity to eat the kangaroos..

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  11. i feel pity to eat the kangaroos T_T they are so cute

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  12. Fishiee

    The cuteness of the kangaroo has effect on you, huh? But they are delicious. You should try eating kangaroo meat.

  13. Doubt if I'll ever have the guts to be that adventurous with food. =(

  14. Kayang-kaya mong kainin ang kangaroo meat Average. :-)

  15. I'm in Perth right now and browsing the net for a worthy roo dish in Fremantle until I arrived at your blog. Would u still remember the name of the dish and the price?

    1. Sorry to inform you that I can't recall the name of the dish nor the price. Just ask for a dish that inlcudes kangaroo, crocodile, calamares and lamb meat. Pardon me if I am not of much help. :-(


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