Stranded for a Day at Danao Pier

Typhoons are great inconveniences especially if you are traveling. Typhoons have the ability to paralyze most of human activities and people have no choice but to bow down to the might of these weather disturbances. I experienced one great hassle caused by a typhoon when I visited Cebu last week.

My timing is wrong when I visited Cebu last week because it coincided at the time when Typhoon Ramon is entering the Philippines. I just discovered my wrong decision when I reached Danao City pier. I found out that no vessels are allowed to travel from Danao City to Camotes Islands because of the Typhoon Ramon. Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) personnel in the area said that Typhoon Signal Number 1 was raised over Camotes Island. Vessels are prohibited from traveling once a typhoon signal a raised.
View of Danao Pier at Danao City.
Danao Pier. Where are the angry waves?
I can’t accept the fact that no vessels are allowed to travel because there are no strong winds. The sea is somewhat calm even though there is a typhoon. The decision of PCG, however, is understandable because the agency is always blamed whenever there is a sea accident. Prohibiting the vessels to sail is a wise decision on the part of PCG. The only problem is that it is a hassle for passengers, some of whom were forced to sleep in the port terminal.
Stranded passengers at Danao Pier terminal.
Benches inside the Danao Pier terminal became
temporary bed for stranded passengers.
My travel schedule was affected because of Typhoon Ramon. I have no choice but to stay in Danao City until the typhoon is gone. My only consolation is that I am safe even though Typhoon Ramon is at a rampage. So, instead of getting too disappointed, I decided to have a stroll around Danao City.

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  1. Better safe than sorry! Glad you were not caught in the middle when the typhoon struck. That would have been disastrous. A little inconvenience is ok, as long as everybody's safe - praise the Lord.

  2. O ikaw san ka natulog? Ang importante safe ka kahit medyo hassle at di ka nakaalis agad dyan.

  3. You are correct Suitapui. That is why I am thankful to God that he kept me safe for the whole duration of my travel.



    Naghanap lang po ako ng isang matutulugan for the night. Nakahanap naman po ako ng mura within Danao City at nakatulog naman nang ayos.

  4. yah, ish, consolation mu nga na ligtas ka. Naalala ko tuloy yung movie na devil wears prada, haha, pinpagawa siya ng paraan ng boss niya na makaalis ng state to another kahit sobrang typhoon, haha.

    ang hirap pa naman ng stranded, un nga lang nasa bus ka natutulog magdamag ang sakit sa batok, yun pa kayang nasa bench lang!haaaaaaaaaay, pahirap!

  5. Tama ka Steve. Better be safe than sorry. ^_^

    Kawawa talaga 'yung stranded na pasahero. Buti nga 'yung port manager duon sa port terminal ay namahagi ng breakfast na lugaw. Malaking tulong na iyon sa mga kawawang pasahero.

  6. did you stay there overnight? or you were just stranded for hours? grabe noh.. buti hindi ko pa naeexperience un matulog sa terminal dahil cancelled ung flight or something. :p

  7. Hindi naman ako natulog sa terminal Tine.

    Naghanap naman ako ng matutulugang kwarto sa Danao City kaya naging maayos naman ang tulog ko.

    Mahirap talaga ang ma-stranded. Ok lang kung NAIA Terminal 3 kasi ok lang sa akin matulog doon at malinis ang sahig.

  8. Oh! That's bad! But at least you are safe from the typhoon! But then again, it's no fun being stranded and have your schedules affected right?

  9. Yes Foong. My schedule was affected. I was forced to rebook my flight back to Manila.


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