Maritime Heritage of Fremantle City

My visit to the Round House showed me the importance of Fremantle City during the early years of Swan River Colony. The city served as Western Australia's major port and many vessels berthed at its bay before embarking on long voyages to Europe or other parts of the world. The importance of Fremantle City in navigation is evident because of the presence of the time ball, which is used to correct the time in navigator's chronometers.

Fremantle City has two museums dedicated to maritime history. One of the museums is the Western Australian Maritime Museum located on Victoria Quay along the Swan River. The famous display in this museum is the submarine ovens in Fremantle City's World War 2 slipway.

The maritime museum that I visited is the one located close to Esplanade Reserve. This museum is the Western Australian Museum's Shipwreck Galleries.
Fremantle City Shipwreck Galleries

I am yet to reach the museum building but I was already welcomed by an interesting museum piece, which is a big anchor.
Fremantle City - big anchor

The first anchor that I saw is no match to another anchor located near the museum building. The anchor is much bigger than the first anchor and its wooden stock is taller than me. This anchor is the Eglinton Anchor.
Fremantle City - Eglinton Anchor

The Eglinton Anchor is anchor of the wooden barque Eglinton, which was wrecked in September 1852 while underway from London to Fremantle City. The current stock inserted in the Eglinton Anchor is just a reconstruction. The original wooden stock disintegrated under the sea.

I entered the Shipwreck Galleries but I failed to get some photos. Time constraint prevented me from exploring the inner parts of the museum. Too bad that I missed seeing the centerpiece of the Shipwreck Galleries, which is the wreck of the Dutch vessel Batavia.
Fremantle City - Batavia
Reconstructed remains of Batavia.
The story Batavia is a story of wreck and mutiny and can be read here.

I just walked along the beach of Bathers Bay on my way back to Esplanade Reserve. The lunch break is too short that's why I have no chance to have an extensive tour inside the Shipwreck Galleries. I will take a look at Batavia if I ever get the chance to return to Fremantle City.


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Photo of the Batavia came from the website of Western Australian Museum.

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  1. hi Ish.. nice to be back here haha I had a long blogging break LOL
    wow those are pretty cool antique anchors and the second one reminds me of Thor's hammer LOL

  2. love the last pic.. so amazing how they manage to keep and maintain those ruins....
    thanks for sharing Ish..have a great day and happy blogging

  3. Hello Bluedreamer! Welcome back.

    You are right. The last anchor look's like Thor's war hammer. But it is too big for Thor.

    Thank you for visiting my blog again my friend. God bless you.

  4. Ganda namn ng mga museum pieces na yan! Sayang naman di mo masyado na explore yung loob ng museum. Pero ok lang pwede ka namn yata bumalik!

  5. Kung may magpapabalik sa akin nang libre Ate Anney tiyak na makikita ko kung ano yung nasa loob ng museum na ito. ^_^


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