My First Korean Dinner

It is the Korean's turn to treat us for dinner. Our Japanese friend is done in treating us in a restaurant offering Kangaroo meat while I am done treating them in Cicerello's for fish n chips. Our Korean friend discovered that I am yet to dine inside a Korean restaurant that's why he invited us to dine in Chogajip, which is a restaurant located along Essex Street.

I have no idea how the Korean food tastes like. Because of this, I told our Korean friend to choose the best Korean dish for me.
Fremantle City - Chogajip's minimalist design

I noticed that the interior of Chogajip is simple or, for a better term, minimalist. This is in contrast with Outback Jacks that has a large crocodile hanging from the ceiling.

The rice wine reached our table first. This made our Japanese friend very glad. He is such a lover of alcoholic drinks.
Fremantle City - rice wine

The rice wine tastes good. It made me recall of the tuba, which I drank when I was in Davao.
Fremantle City - a feast of Korean dishes
A feast of Korean dishes.

Our Korean friend ordered Jaeyuk Bulgogi for the both of us. The Japanese got the Bulgogi. Each of us got small servings of kimchi, tofu and another item that I can't recall.

Bulgogi is thinly sliced beef marinated with soy, grilled and served with vegetables. Jaeyuk Bulgogi, on the other hand, is thinly sliced pork  marinated with chili paste, grilled and served with vegetables.

I think that my Jaeyuk Bulgogi tasted good. The Japanese, hearing my praises, stretched out his hand and used his chopsticks to snatch a piece of meat from my Jaeyuk Bulgogi.

I don't know how to use chopsticks. Both the Japanese and Korean tried their best to teach me using chopsticks. I had no choice but to ask for spoon and fork so I could eat with ease.

I can say that Chogajip's Korean dishes taste good. The shop is being ran by a Korean cook. His daughters serves as the waiters. It made me feel that I am actually eating in Korea.

If you are in Fremantle City and looking for a Korean restaurant. I suggest that you go to Essex Street and try the Korean dishes of Chogajip.


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  1. We have a Korean restaurant in our little town - dunno how authentic it is but the food is nice and it has been in business for years and years. I guess that means the business is good.

  2. hmm, dont really like korean food. Im more to japanese! :-D

  3. I love Korean food! We have lots of Korean restaurants here in Malaysia! Don't recall seeing any in Manila?

  4. Haha! About the chopsticks, I still remember when I was in the hotel in Manila, I asked them for a pair of chopsticks to eat my instant noodles and they could not provide me with one! But in the end, they managed to get me a few pair of chopsticks! LOL!

  5. It's really not too difficult to learn how to use the chopsticks. Just need to know the technique and practise! : )

  6. Suitapui

    Well, I guess that is a proof that many people like the food offered in that Korean Restaurant. No restaurant can last if they don't have loyal patrons.


    Welcome to my blog! :-)

    You're not a fan of Korean food? But it is also delicious just like Japanese food.

    Well, that is your preference. ^_^


    Ah, that's because you went to Chinatown that's why you didn't see any. Korean Restaurants are located in another place.

    Ha ha ha. I recall that experience of yours about the chopsticks here in Manila. Maybe that hotel will keep some chopsticks so that they will be ready for future request of chopsticks.

    It is hard to teach new tricks to old dogs. So, I'll just stick with spoon and fork.

  7. korean food is good :) but the really authentic one doesnt suit me

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  8. Fishie

    What is the reason why Korean Food doesn't suit you? Is it because of the spice?


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