Australian Dinner at Cicerello's Landing

Seeing historical places is not the only good thing that I experienced during my short stay in Fremantle City. I also got the opportunity to meet different people from various countries. My two best buddies during my seminar in Fremantle City came from Japan and Korea.

The Korean told me that he went to a restaurant at Fremantle City wharf. He said that that restaurant has the best Fish n Chips in town. The Japanese heard this and insisted that we go to that restaurant and taste the fabled Fish n Chips.

Fish n Chips  (Fish and Chips) is made up of deep-fried battered fish and potato “chips”. It is a popular dish in Australia that's why I agreed to join my Japanese and Korean buddies. My Australian trip can be considered incomplete if I failed to taste Australia's fish n chips.

Our Korean buddy took us to Cicerello's Landing, which is located by the sea. Of course, we ordered Cicerello's traditional fish n chips. The waiter gave us two pieces of deep-fried fish fillet and chips. Each of us ordered a bottle of beer.
Fish n chips of Cicerello's Landing
Cicerello's fish n chips.

My Korean friend is right. Cicerello's fish n chips is indeed delicious. It is no wonder why visitors of Fremantle City eat at Cicerello's Landing. It is good to munch tasty fried fish and drink cold beer while having an interesting conversation. This is in spite of the fact that the three of us are having a hard time understanding each other because we are poor in speaking English.

The night is humid but there's little possibility of rain. We chose to dine at the tables on the landing by the sea.
Seaside area of Cicerello's Landing

I have no photos of the outdoor tables of Cicerello's Landing. I found beautiful photographs of the place here and here. It is refreshing to dine  by the sea at Cicerello's Landing but be always on the look-out for birds, which are constantly plotting to steal the fish n chips.
Bad bird eyeing my fish n chips at Cicerello's Landing.
This bird is eyeing our fish n chips.

I discovered that Cicerello's Landing got its name because it is actually the landing for the prawn trawler Miss Cicerello.  Cicerello's is so popular to the point that the restaurant is featured on a postal stamp.

Cicerello's Landing is also popular for its aquarium that holds over 50 species of marine creatures caught in the waters of Fremantle City. Customers eating inside the Cicerello's Landing are surrounded with marine life. Even their toilets are “teeming” with sea creatures.
Aquarium inside the toilet of Cicerello's Landing
Aquarium inside the toilet of Cicerello's Landing.
The three of us had a good time dining at Cicerello's Landing. I will definitely visit this restaurant again if I ever get the chance to return to Fremantle City.


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  1. Ang ganda namn ng toilet nila may aquarium! hehehe!

  2. Oo nga Ate Anney. Refreshing mag-CR doon. ^_^

  3. I prefer my fish fillet coated with breadcrumbs not that egg and flour batter - can get very soggy and at ties, oily.

    Eeee...I can imagine all the fish looking at you as you pee... LOL!!!

  4. No STP. The fishes know how to look away when someone is peeing.

  5. wow the fishes! well, i have the same name.. so.. ermm..

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  6. LOL! I wonder how u and the Japanese and Korean interact since they do not speak good English! : D

  7. Wow! The toilet also have aquariums? The fishes watch you pee? LOL!!

  8. Fishie

    Indeed. You have the same name as the fishes. It is good that you are not inside an aquarium. :-P


    Well, we tried all our best to talk in English. We managed to have a good time even if we have a hard time communicating with each other. Foong. The fishes are decent enough not to look when I peed.


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