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I thought that writing about Dreamworld Bangkok is finally over when I finished posting my third entry about by adventures to that amusement park. Sharing about my adventures to that place feels good but I felt that my posts lacked one thing. That thing is the information needed by those who want to visit Dreamworld.

If you want to read about my adventures please go to the Part I, Part II and Part III of the Dreamworld Bangkok series. Read on if you want to know more information about this place.

How to Go to Dreamworld Bangkok

I have reached Dreamworld by riding a van hired by the generous sponsors of the field trip of the foundation kids. So, I have no personal experience on commuting to Dreamworld Bangkok.

Dreamworld is located in the Thanyaburi District of Pathum Thani province. This means that the amusement park is not located inside Bangkok but located in a province north of the capital city.

Google Map showing the location of Dreamworld.

There two ways to reach Dreamworld by car. One is by using the Bangkok Eastern Outer Ring Toll Road and the other is by using the Don Muang Tollway. Be sure to make an exit from either of the expressway before you reach the Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok Road.

If you use the Don Muang Tollway, the Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok Road is located beside the Future Park Mall. That mall is the biggest mall to the right. Turn right to Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok Road and drive about 6 kilometers or until you see the pink bridge to your right. Take a u-turn and then cross to Dreamworld using the pink bridge.

If you use the Eastern Outer Ring Toll Road then you should exit at Rangsit. Turn left to Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok Road and drive about 3 kilometers or until you see the pink bridge to your left. Turn left through the pink bridge to reach Dreamworld.

If you are taking the taxi then you can print the map below and show it to the driver.
(Source: Dreamworld website)

You can also reach Dreamworld by riding a bus. Ride Bus Number 188 from Mo Chit Bus Terminal or Bus Number 538 from Victory Monument. Don't forget to ask the driver or conductor if they are passing by Dreamworld before you board the bus.

Hop off the bus when you reach Dreamworld and then you can ride the free shuttle bus to reach the entrance to the amusement park.

Entrance Fee to Dreamworld

I only paid around 500 Baht for a ticket that provides one pass for each ride in Dreamworld Bangkok. There is a special package that cost 1,200 Baht per person. It includes round trip travel to and from your hotel in Bangkok, entrance to Snow Town and pass to all rides.

Dreamworld Bangkok Rides

There are a lot of rides in this amusement park. You can see all of them here by visiting the website of Dreamworld. I will just feature the best rides that I tried during my visit to Dreamworld.

1. Super Splash

This is the best ride that I tried in Dreamworld Bangkok. Expect to be wet when you try this. You can go to the bridge after your ride and feel the rain of water.

2. Grand Canyon

It is another wet ride but less thrilling than Super Splash. Here you can ride a inflatable raft and then go down the river with twists and turns that will almost make you fall to the water. I enjoyed the Grand Canyon but I experienced the more wilder Rio MontaƱosa of Splash Island in the Philippines.

3. Sky Coaster

I haven't tried the Sky Coaster because my ward is too scared of it. I think that it is the most thrilling ride in Dreamworld Bangkok because you are hanging in the air. The other guardians said that the Sky Coaster doesn't have a part where riders will be upside down. If that is true then the Star City in Pasay is much better because their Star Flyer made me go upside down.

4. Vikings

The Vikings is a ride that swings like a crazy pendulum. I enjoyed this ride and what I like about it is I saw the different reactions of the passengers of this ship.

5. Cable Car

This is the best ride for those who wanted to see the bird's eye view of the whole Dreamworld. Kids enjoy this especially when the cable car are above the castles and giant veggies and other views of the park.

Attractions at Dreamworld Bangkok

There are things to see around Dreamworld aside from the rides. Here are my favorites.

1. Hollywood Action

This is definitely fun to watch because of the well choreographed fight scenes and the use of mock tanks, airplanes, explosions and a nuclear missile. You should see this if you visit Dreamworld Bangkok.

2. Snow Town

This is the same as the Snow World of Star City. I didn't enjoy this place because it is so cold. The kids love it because they can have picture with Snow Man, a mammoth, reindeer and other interesting things. There is a wide ice slide here but the queue is too long that's why I just tried it once.

3. Giant's House 

I think this place is one the kid's favorite because they can see things at a larger perspective. This is the best place to pose for photos.

4. Colors of the World Parade

This parade usually begins around 4 PM. I enjoyed seeing the big floats of this parade.

We also tried the Alien Show and the 4D Theater. The Alien Show is supposed to be scary but I couldn't keep myself from laughing especially when the “tentacles” were hitting my feet. I think I'm already too old for such shows.

So those are the things that you need to know about Dreamworld Bangkok. If you need more information then you can check the Dreamworld website. You can also ask me by leaving a comment.

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  1. parang Enchanted Kingdom ang Dream World hehe! ganda ng lugar :D

  2. ganda naman talaga sarsap dalhin ng mga bata sa lugar na yan,
    mejp thrilling din yang wild river ahh

  3. Is this a local theme park? Like EK here in RP? =)

    1. Yes Ms. Tin. This is the local theme park here in Thailand.


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