Be On the Lead with Mr Google

Search engines are essential parts of our blogs because they serve as the source of the visitors and readers of our blogs. Yahoo, MSN, Bing and Google are just few of the search engines out there. Of the available search engines, it is Google that leads the rest. I had said it because majority of the visitors of my blogs were referred by the Google search engine. Because of this, I try to find ways to tame befriend and use Google to my advantage. I target keywords that are related to my blog posts so that it will be on an advantageous position when people search on Google. It requires hard work to look for applicable key words for my blog posts but I believe that I am doing a good job.

Because of the many visitors that Google brings, many websites are finding ways to take advantage of it and one of those ways is to hire agencies that help you target specific keywords that you want for your websites. There is some ppc agency (pay per click agency) that only requires payment for every click that was made on your targeted keyword. There are also other schemes available and I guess a simple search in Google will reveal those things.

If you have a blog or a website, it will be profitable if you use Google to your advantage because it will help your business grow.

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  1. i have no idea about this but thanks for sharing. I want to learn it.

  2. napakadaming picture sa blog ko na mula sa google......the best ang google...

  3. This is a nice feed Ish, very much!

  4. Thanks for your visit Diamond, Arvin and Steve. ^_^


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