Michael Voris in Manila!

"The Church is in its low point today as heresies and dissenters rock it at every corner of the world."

This is my thoughts nowadays as I learn more about the Church that I chose to live and die for. The Church is bleeding because of the people, inside and outside of it that aim to destroy and lead the flock astray.

I found out that I am not the only person who had these thoughts. Many Catholics realized the crisis that the Church is in and many of them are speaking boldly and fearlessly. One of those Catholics is Michael Voris of Real Catholic TV.

It is my brother who introduced me to Michael Voris' videos in YouTube. I like how he fearlessly expose and explain the issues that beset the Catholic Church. He never minces his words and he never afraid to comment against anyone, be it a bishop, errant priests, big bosses of abortion clinics, American politicians and even the president of USA. His bravery and uncompromising stand for the Truth enticed me to attend his talk at Christ the King Parish in White Plains, Quezon City. The topic of his talk is about dissidents and how to deal with them.
Michael Voris

According to Michael Voris, the current crisis of the Church started in mid-19th Century inside Lutheran universities in Germany. Scholars inside those universities questioned the contents of the Bible. They mutilated each verse and placed literal meaning on each verse. An example is the multiplication of bread and fish. Those Lutheran scholars explained away that miracle. They said that Jesus did not miraculously multiplied the bread and fish but the people just pulled those from their pockets and shared them with each other. These academes do not believe in miracles and in effect disbelieve Jesus Christ.
Thrilla in Manila. Michael Voris' visit in Manila.

In the following years, the studies made in Lutheran universities began to circulate on magazines, periodicals and newspapers. Eventually, these heretical ideas began to be implanted into the minds of the priests, who also began to question the Bible, the Faith and the Church. The dissent became so great that the First Vatican Council was convened. In this council, the doctrine of Papal Infallibility was officially laid out. The authority of the Pope was re-stressed and many bishops resented this. The Franco-Prussian War suddenly broke out that's why the First Vatican Council was cut short. Attempts to reconvene the council failed as the First then the Second World Wars broke out. The sudden interruption of the First Vatican Council served as a vacuum and heretical teachings seeped in the Church. Power hungry people found this as the best opportunity to gain power inside the Church. That's why when the Second Vatican Council convened, all the dissent broke out. Bishops pitted themselves against the Pope. After the Second Vatican Council, the dissension of bishops became more public. This became the start of abandonment of Church traditions and genuine Catholic teachings. Heretic teachings broke out all over the Catholic Church. Liberal theology, abortion scandal, support for contraception and the continuous abandonment of the Faith became the order of the day.

According to Michael Voris, the sorry state of the Church is due to the bishops who are afraid to proclaim the Gospel and those bishops who abandoned the Faith. Bishops ignoring the heresies and crimes in the dioceses under their care are destroying the Church and compromises the souls of many people.

Michael Voris ended his talk by exhorting the laity to be firm on their Faith and serve as the forces to turn the tide against the forces of evil. He tells the laity to be immersed in the Faith and study it with great devotion so that we will be prepared when opportunity demands us to defend, explain and broadcast the Faith. Being an aware Catholic nowadays is an evidence of enormous grace that God poured on those Catholics. God had given the truth freely and it is our responsibility to share the truth freely.

I admire Michael Voris more after listening to his talk. He delivered his message clearly and directly. He inspired me to share the truth and here I am, sharing the truth freely.

Follow Michael Voris in Real Catholic TV.

Kudos to Pro Life Philippines for letting Filipinos listen to Michael Voris and Jason Evert in a series of talks and seminar, for the celebration of Pro-life Month last February.


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  1. This is pretty interesting...

    God Bless!

  2. Ma search nga yan sa you tube. we need people like him who are not afraid to speak the truth.

  3. @Jag:

    Thank you very much and thank you sa pagbisita.

  4. @Diamond:

    Tama ka Diamond. Sa panahon ngayon na ang namamyani ay ang relativism at modernism, kailangang maging matapang ka at maging matatag sa iyong pananampalatay sa Diyos.

    God bless you Boss Diamond.

  5. Wala ako masyadong alam sa mga ganun pero ang gusto ko lang yung preacher/speaker eh more realistic rather than idealistic... na kayang maparallel ang sinasabi sa nangyayari presently...hehehehehhe

  6. Thanks for sharing! : )

    Btw, I have started my Manila posts : )

  7. The Parable of the Sower. Many lapse because the seed did not fall on good soil...and not due to outside influences.

  8. @Xprosiac:

    Wala namang problema kung realistic or idealistic ang nagsasalita patungkol sa Diyos. Ang mahalaga ay faithful siya sa sinasabi ng Diyos. Na hindi niya binabaluktot ang mga iyon.

  9. @Foong:

    Welcome. I will be visiting your blog to see that. :-)

  10. @STP:

    You are right. Hope that there will be more fertile soil for the Good seed.


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