Craving for Pili Nuts

When I was a kid, my father always brings home a native “fruit” coming from his home province in Bicolandia.

He boils this fruit until the seed inside is exposed and the meat inside the seed was cooked. After boiling, my father will give each of us a hammer to finally crack the seed open and eat the meat inside.

What is this fruit/seed that I am talking about? It is the PILI NUT. Pili is a native tree in Bicol and my father says that the tree grows quite tall. The nut, which is the seed inside the fruit, is so hard to crack that you need a hammer to pound it open. Once you open the hard shell, what you will get is the tasty white meat inside the pili nut.
Pili nuts.

These days, I always receive pili from an office mate. Not the hard pili nut but this:

This is pili tart and it is made from pili nut. The taste of pili tart is just ok, however, I can’t recognize the taste of the pili nut because the tart is stuffed with breading. You might think that I am complaining. No I am not, I actually like the pili tart but I like it more if my office mate give me the glazed pili nut, which is cooked in caramel. Glazed pili nut is my favorite pili nut product.
Sweet glazed pili nuts.


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Photo of pili nut and glazed pili nut came from Ali

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  1. give me pili nuts!! haha, natry ko na ung pili tart...charap

  2. We also have pili trees in my province and when it was harvest time for pilis, we would also boil them and then break the hard shell with an itak :) And it would become a bonding time with the family. Those were the days...

  3. once palang akong nakapunta sa bicol. ansarap ng pili tart :DD

    pati yung chocolate na bilog. hehe

  4. natuwa ako sa pili nut post mo ngayon. kaya i link you sa post ko na related din sa pili dahil sa puno nito. I love pili nuts.dahil ako'y isang bicolano.

  5. @Sendo:

    May pambasag ka ba ng matigas na shell ng pili nuts? Hehe...oh heto pili nuts! ^_^

  6. @The KaBlogs Journal:

    Taga-Bicol ka rin pala? ^_^

  7. @Nortehanon:

    Ah yeah, those were the days. I also miss those days when me and my family spend the weekends to rest and bond.

    Sarap uli maging bata.

  8. @Mots:

    Anong chocolate na bilog? Yung tinutukoy mo ba ay tabliya?

    Ako rin. One time pa lang nakadalaw sa Bicol.Sa Bulan lang ako nakatapak.

  9. @Diamond:

    Wow! Salamat po sa link. :-D

    Kakatuwa ang pili nuts. Sad nga lang kasi ngayon ang nakakain ko na lang ay yung mga pili products. Hindi na rin kasi nakakakuha ang tatay ko ng pili nuts na hilaw eh. Sarap pa naman magbasag ng shell ng pili nuts.

  10. Is it a black fruit? And this is the seed inside? You do not eat the fruit outside? Just the seed?

    It looks like the seed of our dabai. We eat the flesh...and the seeds we boil, then we cut open and eat the kernel inside. Maybe it's not the same fruit.

  11. Wow, how i miss visiting bicol! i also want that pili tarts... (*craves)

  12. @STP:

    Yes. The fruit is dark purple. And yes, the fruit outside is not usually eaten. However, a commenter here (named Diamond) said that they used the outside of the fruit for ice cream so I guess it is edible.

    I believe that dabai and pili is the same.

  13. @Einz:

    I miss the tarts too. How I wish that my office mate go back to Bicol and bring a pasalubong of pili tarts or glazed pili back to the office.

  14. Nakaubos ako ng isang garapon ng glazed pili nung isang araw habang nanonood ng movie. lol!

  15. i love glazed pili and pili tart too.

  16. i have roasted pili nuts. want some???


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