Ishmael Wants to Meet Enma Ai

Well, the title of this blogpost tells it all. I really want to meet the mysterious girl Enma Ai.

Enma Ai is the main protagonist of the anime that I am watching right now. In English, Enma Ai’s name means Hell Girl. The anime is Jigoku Shoujo and I am addicted to it. Jigoku Shoujo is an anime that centers on Enma Ai, whose main role is to exact revenge for those who call her. Enma Ai punishes the antagonists of those of called her and send them directly to hell. As restitution for the vengeance that Enma Ai made, the one who called her will also be sent to hell after he/she dies to “roam forever in pain and suffering, never knowing what paradise is.”

I first saw this anime when I went to Davao, about two years ago. I did not understand the anime. But now, I think that it is good. Enma Ai is a cute anime character.
"Your bitterness, I will dispel" - Enma Ai

I guess, every one of us have some moments in life when we want to take revenge to our enemies very badly. Some go to great lengths just to exact revenge like killing other people or making them suffer very much. Enma Ai is the personification of that human nature. By exacting revenge, we are making our enemies suffer. In the end, we also must face the consequences of our action when the time comes when we have to face our God. Revenge is a double-bladed sword that hurts the avenger’s target and also the avenger.

Jigoku Shoujo is a mystery filled anime that tackles human nature, especially anger and revenge. That is the reason why I am drawn to Enma Ai.
Enma Ai and her minions.

In the episode that I am watching, the mystery surrounding Enma Ai is unfolding. Who is she and why does she exacts revenge? Who is the old woman who acts like her grandma? These are the questions that I am excited to discover as I watch Jigoku Shoujo.

However, my greatest question is: How will I ever contact Enma Ai?


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  1. Whee! I also love this girl from hell named Enma Ai! napanood ko na to dati sa Animax ata pero di ko natapos. Yeah, maganda tong anime na toh.

    "Revenge is a double-bladed sword that hurts the avenger’s target and also the avenger."
    --> I agree with this. Pwede rin natin maihalintulad yan sa karma. Kung ano ang ginawa mo sa kapwa mo, yun din ang babalik sayo x2 pa.

    Nga pala, meron tong live action series. Try mong search sa youtube. cute yung girl na gumaganap na Enma.

  2. Ay oo nga pala. Sa Animax ko rin napanood 'tong Hell Girl noong nasa Davao ako.

    Astig hindi ba? Natapos ko na nga 'yung season 1. Season 2 naman 'yung panonoorin ko.

    Oo nga, ganun talaga 'yung revenge. Kaya nga, dapat hindi natin palalimin ang galit sa ating mga puso.

  3. oh i heard this from a friend too haha right know i am tracking my all time favorite anime K-ON.. have you watch it? sobrang nakakatuwa ng mga characters dun hehe

  4. hmmm. i'm intrigued.. haven't watch animes lately.. will try this one out for sure...

  5. @Blue:

    I have never heard of K-ON. I'll be checking on that anime. Naghahanap na rin uli ako ng mapapanood eh.

    As of the moment I am done with Hell Girl Season 1.

    Now, I will be watching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

    @Ate Claire:

    Salamat po sa pagbisita ate. ^_^

    Panoorin n'yo po ito at baka magustuhan n'yo.

  6. ...and I would love to get to meet you one day!

  7. @Suitapui:


    ...and that would be great. Hope to meet you someday.

  8. uy astig ang Full Metal... have you tried Code Geass?

  9. @Bluedreamer:

    Astig nga yun. Parang gusto ko na nga ring maging alchemist eh. ^_^

    Tapos ko na yung 2 seasons ng Code Geass. Grabe 'yun. One of my most favorite animes of all time.

  10. This one is simply cool! Thanks much for the review, will check this one.


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