Fried Shark Wantan Anyone?

I think I just tasted my first shark dish when I and my beloved ate at a stall at an SM Mall.

It was a Saturday but my beloved still has to go work. So, I accompanied her as she goes to her workplace. However, our stomach grumbled so we decided to take our lunch first before she enters her office. Since we are sated with Jollibee, McDonalds or other usual fast foods; she took me to one of her favorite food stall and that is the Pao Tsin Dim Sum shop located inside the mall.
PaoTsin stall at SM.

Pao Tsin Dim Sum, as the name implies, sells dim sum with rice so it is a perfect place for us to eat our lunch. Pao Tsin Dim Sum offers different kinds of Chinese dim sum that I forgot to remember. What I do remember is the wantan dim sum that we ordered. My beloved ordered the Shrimp Wantan Dim Sum.
Shrimp wantan with rice.

For those who do not know, wantan (or more popularly spelled as wanton, wonton, and wuntun) is a type of dim sum commonly found in Chinese restaurants. I remembered eating a wantan in Chowking when I ordered their Beef Wantan Noodles. The usual fillings of wantan are minced pork, shrimp or oysters, ginger and onion, sesame oil and soy sauce.

If my beloved ordered the shrimp wantan I, on the other hand, became curious on what shark tastes like so I ordered the Shark Wantan Dim Sum.
Shark wantan with rice.

Well, in the photo, the shrimp wantan dim sum looks similar to the shark wantan dim sum. The difference is found within the wantan’s wrapper.

So, what can I say for my shark wantan dim sum? Well, I like it. I thought that shark tastes bad. The shark wantan dim sum tastes way better than the siomai that I buy from Siomai House.

For 35 pesos per meal, I think eating at Pao Tsin is not that bad. You already have three pieces of wantan dim sum, then rice, plus soy sauce for the dim sum. However, drinks are not included in the 35-peso meal so we just bought bottled water at SM Hypermarket.

Well, I guess this is bad news for the sharks. They have another fan of their dishes. :-P



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  1. isn't it the same with Shark's Fin? i used to eat there a lot at Pao Tsin (here in SM Clark) with my colleagues and Shark's Fin is our favorite!

  2. It's fish...and it tastes nice. The bad thing is people catch the sharks - lots of them, cut off the expensive fins for sale and throw the fish back into the sea to die. Cruel...and the shark population is depleting!

  3. shark's fin and Wanton are dumplings in Chinese foods. I love it. I have my own product of these. Bago ako napunta dito and changed my profession RnD ako ng isang Manufacturer niyan diyan. Na miss ko tuloy ang Sharks'fin. Marami kasing nagaakala na ang sharksfin ay gawa sa shark's meat. Pero hindi naman meron lang itong ilang piraso ng shark fin yon lang yon.Kasi naniniwala ang mga Chinese sa health benefits nito.
    pero wala itong kinalaman sa lasa nito. Sa pangalan lang talaga. More on Tanigue fish,sea cucumber ,shrimp and other vegetables ito.

    pagumuwi ako patitikim ko sayo ang version kong sharks fin.
    My sister still making them sa manila

  4. @Claire:

    I guess it is the same with Shark's Fin. Yeah, indeed it tastes nice. However, based on Suitapui's comment, the sad thing is that the shark are depleting because they are caught and their fins are cut-off.

    I guess the catching of sharks should be curbed.

  5. @STP:

    Yeah it is cruel indeed. Now, I think the catching of sharks should be curbed.

  6. @Diamond:

    Talaga? So, ginogoyo lang ako ng PaoTsin? Hmmm...mas maganda sana kung alisin na nila yung "shark" na name para maalis yung misconception. Also, kung wala namang effect yung shark fin sataste then dapat hindi na nila isama yun.

    Hehe...hindi pala dapat Shark Wantan ang title ng post na ito.

    Sige ah. Abangan ko iyang wantan dim sum mo.

  7. I love wanton!! Always eat them here in Malaysia!

  8. @Foong:

    Haha! Actually, I don't eat sharks. I just tasted the shark wantan dim sum to know what shark tastes like.

    However, one commenter here said that shark wantan is not really made from shark. It is another fish.

  9. hindi yata pweding palitan talagang sharkfin na talaga ang tawag diyan. pero it refers to the fin lang naman na iniligay doon isang piraso lang yata sa isang authentic na sharkfin dumplings. Pero yon mga fast food pangalan lang talaga. pero at least ganon na nga kasi kung shark nga ito whewww.

  10. @Diamond:

    Buti nga tahindi talaga shark fin yung nilalagay kasi kong totoong shark fin yun, malamang ubos ang mga shark kasi mass produce yung mga pagkain sa mga food stalls tulad ng PaotTsin.

  11. @Arvin:

    Ganun ba? E di punta ka na sa pinakamalapit na SM sa inyong lugar at tumikim na ng fried shark wantan. :-D

  12. sarap yan! Mabenta yan sa tao kasi nga mura at masarap naman.


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