Another Visit to La Mesa Eco Park

Since me and my beloved missed having a picnic, we decided to visit the La Mesa Eco Park once again. We chose the La Mesa Eco Park because it has a swimming pool and my beloved want to go to a "resort."
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Nothing changed inside La Mesa Eco Park, as compared to our first visit. La Mesa Eco Park still has the same picnic grounds and same attractions like the swimming pool, boat rides and paintball grounds. The only difference is that it is less crowded as compared to our first visit. It is a weekday, when we visited La Mesa Eco Park, that's why it is not crowded.

Because it is not crowded, we have no problem in finding a good spot to stay. The only problem is that the swimming pool was closed, as was the other attractions like the boat ride. It seems like those attractions are just open during the weekends and holidays. My beloved is a bit disappointed with it. So if you intend to swim or boat ride, then don't visit La Mesa Eco Park during weekdays.
*recycled photo

So we just enjoyed eating our baon (packed foods) under the shade trees of La Mesa Eco Park. Too bad that I did not took photo of our meal which is a whole Andoks Lechon Manok (roasted chicken) and rice, which we ate with bare hands.

We first settled in a bahay kubo inspired booths inside La Mesa Eco Park but somebody warned us that we have to pay 500 to use those booths. Because we are a penniless couple we left the booth and looked on a good but fee-less spot. So if you are poor like us, I suggest that you stay away from those booths and just keep on the grass.
La Mesa Eco Park, viewed from the top.

We enjoyed the afternoon inside La Mesa Eco Park and I like it when it is not crowded.


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  1. UU nga! mas ok kapag di masyadong matao... mas nakakarelax... hehehehehehe

  2. Bonding time with wifey.Maganda yong park. and dami talagang magagandang lugar sa atin na libre lang. Di lang napapansin sa dami ng mall na mas pinipili ng iba dahil sa A/C.Sana ma develop pa ng mga local governement ang mga ganito for the future baka naman palitan na ito ng mga malls na lang.

  3. we are planning to visit din! gusto ko din mag picnic!

  4. Argh, hindi pa rin talaga ako nakakapasyal jan sa La Mesa Eco Park >_<

  5. @Diamond:

    Uy, hindi ko pa po siya wife. Kasintahan pa lang po. :-P

    Tama ka po. Grabe na. Puro malls na lang meron sa Metro Manila. Nakakasawa kasi paulit-ulit lang naman makikita dun.

  6. @Anney:

    Sige po. I am sure makikita ko iyang pagbisita ninyo sa La Mesa Eco Park sa iyong blog. ^_^

  7. @Fiel-kun:

    Welcome back! Tagal mong nawala ah.

    Ok lang yan. Marami pa namang chance para makabisita sa La MesaEco Park

  8. Oooo...beautiful! I do wish I could visit Manila again soon...

  9. I do wish that also. It has been a long time since you last visited Manila. I am sure that you will have a hard time recognizing the Manila of today.

  10. Refreshing ang location...mas maganda nga pag hndi crowdy...

  11. @Jag:

    Tama ka d'yan. Maganda nga kapag hindi crowded. ^_^

  12. @Arvin:

    Punta ka sa La Mesa Eco Park one time.

  13. Looks like a nice place to relax : )


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