Lunch Break at Lan Zhou La Mien

Lunch time found our group in Manila's land of yummy Chinese food. AJ, our group leader, wanted to reach Binondo at lunch time not only because of Binondo Church but also because he wanted us to try his highly recommended Chinese restaurant. That restaurant is the Lan Zhou La Mien located along San Fernando Street.

Lan Zhou La Mien restaurant in Binondo Chinatown

I was surprised that the Chinese restaurant that AJ recommended is just a stone throw away from Hou Kui Tea House, which is the restaurant highly recommended by my Boss.

Lan Zhou La Mien is a cozy place. The space is quite small to fit many tables and chairs and even customers. Despite of that, AJ said that this restaurant is popular and many people still go to eat at this place. I think that cozyness is typical for the restaurants in Binondo Chinatown.

Fortunately, Lan Zhou La Mien has a second floor. Each pilgrim had a table for himself.

AJ guaranteed that the noodles at this place is delicious so I ordered the Kan Pan Lamien. Our group also ordered the steamed dumplings. We waited 15 to 30 minutes for our orders to come.

The first to reach our tables are the water and the tea.

Water and tea of Lan Zhou La Mien

The long walk from Monumento made us very hungry. I could eat a whole cow just to satisfy my hunger.

Kan Pan Lamien of Lan Zhou La Mien
Kan Pan Lamien

The serving of the Kan Pan Lamien is big. I think that two people can share one plate of this noodles. Fortunately, my appetite during that day is for two people. I finished Kan Pan Lamien in no time.

I understood now why AJ recommended this restaurant. The Kan Pan Lamien tasted good. It is one of the few best-tasting noodles of all the noodles that I tried.

The steamed dumplings that followed also tasted good.

Steamed dumplings of Lan Zhou La Mien

I think that Lan Zhou La Mien's dumpling is way beyond that typical dumplings offered by the stalls of Master Siomai or even by Chowking. The dumplings have meat and leafy veggies inside.

Yummy dumpling from Lan Zhou La Mien
Yum yum yum yum.

If you want to try wating at Lan Zhou La Mien, I suggest that you prepare enough money because the dishes in this place is not that cheap. The Kan Pan Lamien costs 130 pesos while the twelve pieces of steamed dumplings cost 160 pesos. Refer to the image below to see the costs of the dishes from Lan Zhou La Mien.

Menu of Lan Zhou La Mien restaurant in Binondo Chinatown

The food at this restaurant may not be cheap but the taste of the food will not make you feel that you are robbed. The food at this place tastes really good.

We, the pilgrims, were energized again after eating at Lan Zhou La Mien. We left the restaurant to finish the final stretch of our pilgrimage to Baclaran Church under the hot afternoon sun.

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  1. pero kung masarap naman, sulit nah. pero di ako marunong mag identify ng masarap na Chinese food.

  2. Wah!!! So many varieties! Look pretty good. You have to go back again and again to try them all. LOL!!!

  3. Looks yummy! If only I knew about this restaurant when I visited Binondo last time! : )

  4. nice nakakatakam naman! ganda ng pagkakakuha ahh
    ayun di ako mahilig dyan pero my isang recipe sa relative ko
    na binabalikbalikan ko talaga

  5. Ages pa yata nung last time na mabisita ko ang Binondo lols

    Pero I also love Chinese delicacies specially their Siopao and Dumplings. Yum!

  6. wow. mukhang panalo yung dumplings nila ah. will try this pag naligaw kami sa Binondo. :D

  7. ok lang ung price...i think nasa ganyang rate naman siguro ung mga pagkainan...nagutom ako sa dumplings...fave ko un...:)


  8. haven't tried other dumpling aside sa siomai hehehe

  9. There are really very nice restaurants in Binondo. =)


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