The Mantis and the Spider

One sunny day, just like every summer days
The mantis and the spider had a battle
Where in the end one is devoured by the other.

One fine day, just like other summer days
The mantis and the spider did battle
On an arena which obviously is a dead twig
Where one will lose and be eaten by the other.

One hot day, just like any summer days
The mantis and the spider battled
Inside the circle formed by a sweaty crowd
Where cattles and golds were gambled.

The spider
Hungry as can be
Started toward the waiting mantis.

But in a flash
The spider was slashed
Its body twitching on the ground
Its head eaten by its opponent.

One dry day, just like all summer days
Bodies lay around the twitching spider
The mob cursing, punching and kicking
Nourishing the thirsty earth with their blood.

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