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Yesterday, I talked with one of my officemates and she told me that she is planning to start her own business. She said that she already bought a domain and subscribed for Internet hosting of her business’ website. All she has to do now is to fix the lay-out of her website and populate her website with contents. She said that she has loads of work to do for her business and she is just starting with the technical aspect of her business and not yet considering the marketing side of her business.

To help her in her business, I told of some of the things that I learned through my three years of blogging. I told her about marketing strategies that I used for my blogs like using the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. I also told her how to target specific key words and also told her how to find profitable key words that are related to her business.

I also told her about other marketing strategies that I never tried of using like the opt in email marketing. My officemate is just starting out her business because she believe that she need to have a business to be successful in life.

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