Got to Try Email Marketing

Blogging is a serious business, especially if your aim is to get money out of it. Thus, if you are into moneymaking through blogging, then I am sure that you are also serious in marketing. A good blogger must know how to market his or her blog. As for me, I usually market my blogs using the Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook. I also market my blogs by posting comments on other blogs. One thing that I haven’t tries is to use email marketing to market my blogs.

I know email marketing since the time I opened my first e-mail account in Yahoo. I have been receiving spam messages from time to time, which I know is a furious attempt by some companies to market their products and services. As of now, I still receive promotional emails but many of them go to my Spam Inbox.

Many professional blogger profess to the usefulness of email marketing. Famous blogger, Problogger says that email marketing is an effective tool if it was used right. So with the benefits of email marketing, I think it is time for me to learn more about it so that I could use it for my blogs.

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