Angelina Jolie: Changeling

Last December, when I am aboard a vessel, I decided to borrow a DVD movie from the ship’s store. I am bored and because I don’t have much to do, I browsed the ship’s store collection, looking for good movies to watch. I am glad that I found this:

The movie that I found is “Changeling,” which starred Angelina Jolie. I am not a fan of Angelina Jolie, even though some say that she is the prettiest Hollywood actress. I have watched her movie Tomb Raider and Beowulf. Tomb Raider is ok but Beowulf is not. It is not Angelina Jolie’s acting that made Beowulf bad but the whole movie is bad. I also watched Angelina Jolie adopt many children around the world and she became more popular because of that. I guess if she ever goes to the Philippines, I will go to her and tell her that she had to adopt me. Anyways, I am glad to have found Changeling because I watched in TV shows that Changeling is a good movie.

The movie does not fall to my favorite genre of war movie or the genre where there’s sword fighting and large-scale sacking of medieval castles. The reason why I got attracted to this movie of Angelina Jolie is the plot. Changeling is a movie based on the true story of Christine Collins who found her son missing after she returned from her work in a telephone company. Her case became popular and the corrupt police officials, in a bid to fix their public image, speedily “located” her son and returned her son in front of the media. The story could have ended there, but the twist is that the police gave her the wrong child. Christine Collins tried to tell the police that she got the wrong child but she was just ignored and made look like an evil mother in front of the public. Christine Collins’ struggle to find her son became a struggle to clean the corrupt police institution.

This is the best Angelina Jolie film that I watched so far. I like the way she portrayed Christine Collins. I like how the whole movie re-lives the Los Angeles in 1928. The movie has the right amount of tension that the audience interested throughout the film. I like the way how the movie tackled corruption, murder, trust and the great love of a mother for her child.

This Angelina Jolie movie is great. However, its end is sad because Christine Collins did not found her only son.


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  1. Kung papaano mo naekwento ang plot ng kwento nakakapanabik ito. sad story nga lang ang katapusan.

  2. eeep! i shouldn't have read your review until the last sentence.. i wanna watch this pa naman.. hahaha.. thanks for spoiling me, ish :)

  3. I won't say she is the prettiest Hollywood actress but her lips are just so .... sexy? : D

  4. OK, I will watch this show but it's sad that the main character did not find her son even at the end of the movie! : (

  5. I watched Angelina in her latest film, The Tourist and I love it even though the plot were not that logical. Simply because her acting and appearance is so cool! : D

  6. Sounds like an interesting movie...

    Been running around in KL, doing this and that. Just got back last night. Sorry, did not have time to bloghop and post comments. Anyway, I'm back!

  7. @Diamond:

    Oo nga po eh, super sad yung kwento. Ang pinaka-sad pang nangyari ay hindi na niya nakita talaga yung anak niya.

  8. @Claire:

    Sorry Ate. Dapat pala naglagay ako ng warning. dAPAT NAGSABI AKO NG "Spoilers Ahead"

  9. @Arvin:

    Oo naman. Super beauty itong si Angelina. One of the best stars in Hollywood sa panahon natin.

  10. @Foong: you disagree that she is not the prettiest? :-P

    Hmmm...I also think of watching The Tourist. Maybe, I will just watch it on DVD.

  11. @STP:

    It is alright my friend. Just drop by my blog any time you are free. :-D

    Thanks for the visit. I hope you already took your rest after doing "this and that" in KL.


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