The Obvious Bias of Philippine Mainstream Media

My trust in the Philippine mainstream media dropped further when media entities obviously showed their bias when they totally ignored the pro-life and anti-Reproductive Health (RH) Bill rally staged by various organizations at the PICC in Manila last Sunday. Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star, GMA Network, ABS-CBN and TV 5 intentionally ignored the anti-RH rally of 20,000 people or so.

What is more irritating is that these media entities gave column space and air time to a pro-RH rally staged in front of the Philippine Congress. This rally was held by a certain party list and just attended by 50 people or so.

The bias is very obvious. Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star, GMA Network, ABS-CBN and TV 5 can't give time and space for a rally held by thousands of people coming from various organizations, yet chose to entertain the rally of few people coming from one organization.

With this, I have only one conclusion. Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star, GMA Network, ABS-CBN and TV 5 are untrustworthy media entities. They are biased and submit themselves to propaganda. They don't fairly air both sides of the issue, especially the issue about the RH Bill or the consolidated RH Bill.

They are disgusting, especially whenever their news anchors says their gasgas na mantra: "walang kinikilingan," "walang pinoprotektahan," "tahanan ng katotohanan" whatever. Now, I will always subject to doubt all "news" the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star, GMA Network, ABS-CBN and TV 5 air. Sensationalized and biased, that's what these media entities are.

To better understand what I am saying about, I suggest that you visit the post about the Filipinos Unite for Life Rally in Filipinos for Life website. Also, read about the article from People for Media that exposed the obvious bias of Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star, GMA Network, ABS-CBN and TV 5.


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  1. bakit naman sila ganyan.Sana mahiya naman sila sa taong bayan pera pera na lang ba ang lagay.

  2. Is the media in Philippines controlled by the Government? No real freedom of reporting?

  3. Minsan ang media ay may pinapaboran din sa pagbabalita..

  4. @Diamond:

    Ang masaklap na katotohanan ay...oo. Pera pera at ratings na lang ang pinapahalagahan ng mga media entities dito sa Pilipinas.


  5. @Foong:

    Actually, no. The media in the Philippines are private entities and they are "free" from the government.

    However, the Philippine media already lost its adherence to professionalism and ethics. They just focus on ratings and sensationalism.

  6. @Arvin:

    Hindi naman mawawala yung bias sa isang tao eh, lalo na sa media na pinapaandar din ng mga tao. It is impossible to be 100% objective sa pagbabalita.

    Kaso ang nangyaring ito ay sobra na sa tingin ko. Halatang halata ang na may kinikilingan sila eh.

  7. as you can notice, these past few months, the media have been playing up news for the people to view the Anti RH people & Catholic church(the biggest opposition to this RH bill) as a no-good entity and dumbed-down generation of blabbering fools. the media is trying to portray the pro RH group as the intelligent ones, the "makatao", practical, and forward/modern thinkers. pansinin nyo lagi ang news pag tungkol sa mga pari at anti rh. tas may mga commercials pa nung mga "Filipinay" etc and news uplifting the RH camp (they -pro RH- care for the people as the media portrays it).

    1. I notice that also. And what is the reason for that? I believe it lies in the fact that the CEOs and owners of our media outlets are pro-RH Bill. Manny Pangilinan, the Lopezes, Jessica Sojo, the Editorial Team of PDI and the Belmontes (owner of Philippine Star) are all pro-RH Bill.

      Another is that many reporters, journalists and broadcaster leans toward the RH Bill lobbyists. They have been attacking the Church almost every day just to ensure na masira ang view ng mga tao pagdating sa mga obispo na siyang mga pinuno ng pagtuligsa sa RH Bill.

      The sad fact is that marami sa mga mamamahayag natin ay mga naging bayaran. The Philippine media is already a corrupt institution. Nawala na ang pagkapit nila sa ethics. Sensationalism and propaganda is what they uphold.

  8. for GMA is not bias about that topic. they always get both sides stories.

  9. Media is rotten It's not fresh anymore. Before things are presented to people, they have already been mediated, filtered and even altered. Suck

  10. How about Rappler??
    What are your thoughts about the way they deliver the message.


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