Visit France for a Vacation

Ah! France. The land that is rich in culture and history. France is notable for its famous historical figures like Saint Joan of Arc and Napoleon Bonaparte. France is also famous for its wonderful architectural feats like the Eiffel Tower and the Arch of Triumph. Also, France is also the place where Our Lady of Lourdes showed herself to Saint Bernadette. These are the reasons why I want to visit France even just once in my lifetime. I want to see the Cheznous Holidays in France. I also want to see their other Holidays.

Like what I am doing here in the Philippines, I also want to visit the old churches around France. I am sure that France has churches that date back to Medieval and Renaissance Eras. I also want to visit French museums and learn more about France, its history, its people, its culture and its contribution to the whole world. I also want to taste authentic French cuisine so that I will have inkling on why the French cuisine had that great influence on formal cuisine all around the world. I also want to visit old castles and historical sites around France so that I can re-live the historical events in the country, like the rise of Charles Martel, the reign of Charlemagne, the Hundred Years War, the bloody French Revolution, the Reign of Terror, the Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte and the dealings of France during the two World Wars.

There are many things to see in France, that is why it is one of the places that is on the top of my list of the countries that I want to visit.

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  1. pwede mo ba kaming isama sa trip to france? :) joke lang..

  2. A very informative travel write up....i must say!!! M sure the knowledge that i have gained through it will surely help me in upcoming france trip. I want to make this trip absolutely memorable thus i chose to plan everything via It's my favorite travel portal and every trip with them has been worth treasuring :)

  3. Hello Shikha

    Thank you for the information and thank you for your visit.


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