Feasting on Kamayan Desserts

Previously, I talked about the Filipino dishes that me and my Malaysian blogger friend ate at the Filipino restaurant Kamayan. So, if there is a main course, there will be desserts and those are what we feasted on next.

Filipino desserts are just placed on one table.

Kamayan offers the usual Filipino desserts like palitaw, suman, turon, sweet banana, gulaman and ube halaya. Too bad I did not saw any sapin-sapin that day.

Because I like sweets, I never resisted Kamayan's dessert.

On my plate are turon, sweet sago, palitaw, jelly and glutinous rice cake. Kamayan's dessert tastes good. However, I still prefer buying these desserts from kakanin vendors in the local market for a cheaper price. The price is cheap but the taste is the same as the ones in Kamayan.

My friend did not like the ube suman. I also tasted it and I did not like it. That is the only dessert that we dislike in Kamayan.

After a plateful of Filipino desserts, we tried the halo-halo next. Halo is the Filipino word for mix. Halo-halo is a mixture of crushed ice, be halaya, pinipig, sweet mongo and other ingredients. It is the favorite Filipino treat during.

I like Kamayan's halo-halo because the ingredient is complete.

That's the end of my Kamayan experience. I recommend this buffet restaurant, especially if you are a foreigner who wants to taste Filipino dishes.


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  1. Ooh! I love the desserts there except for that ube suman. And I love the halo halo! I don't mind having more than one servings of halo halo : D

  2. Too bad they don't have sapin sapin. Would love to taste that too!

  3. Thanks my friend, for bringing me to Kamayan buffet! : )

  4. You really like halo-halo eh? :-)

    We will eat that again next time.

    You are welcome Foong. It is my pleasure.

  5. ... now im craving for dessert.

    nice post!

  6. Maybe time for you to buy some sweets. :-)

    Thank you for visiting and commenting.

  7. sarap naman. miss ko na ang halo halo sa pinas.lalo na yong mga sa tabi tabi lang. di ko alam bakit masarap ang mga yon. parang yong dirty icecream na tinatawag.

  8. @Diamond:

    Masarap ang halo-halo kasi masasarap yung mga rekado at saka nakapagpapalamig, swak na swak sa mainit na klima dito sa atin.

  9. wow... you finally meet each other. astig! tayo kaya.. kelan mo ko lilibre? bwahahaha

    i like buko pandan and sapin-sapin... sobrang miss ko na kainin un. ^_^

  10. oh finally he got the chance to taste HaloHalo haha

  11. @Tine:

    At nag-request agad. Hehehe... :-P

    Bili ka ng buko pandan at sapin-sapin para matikman mo.


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