Beach Hopping on Koh Samet Island

There are moments that I wish to last forever or for a long time at least. Alas, not all wishes come true because our last day at Koh Samet Island has come.

Our second day at this beautiful island is also our last day. Because of this, our group decided to go beach hopping before we finally ride a boat back to Rayong. So, we packed our bags and said good bye to Sai Kaew Beach.

Koh Samet Island my footprint
Yes. I left footprints in the sand. :-)

We just crossed the rock of the Koh Samet Island mermaid to reach Ao Phai Beach.

Ao Phai Beach of Koh Samet Island

There is not much difference between Sai Kaew Beach and Ao Phai Beach. The two have similar type of sand and the same salty water. The only difference, I guess, is that Ao Phai Beach is less crowded than Sai Kaew Beach.

There are beautiful houses at the end of Ao Phai Beach. I thought that it is owned by a Thai celebrity.

Guest house for the guest of Koh Samet Island

I was wrong. The house that we saw is part of the Samed Villa Resort.

I bet that an overnight stay in that house will be very expensive.

Walking along the coast of Koh Samet Island is risky because of the steep cliff. Good thing that there is a trail through the forest.

Trail to Ao Nuan Beach of Koh Samet Island

The forest is thick and I lost my companions. The trail is hard to follow too. Fortunately, there are guide posts along the way so I wasn’t lost inside Koh Samet Island’s thick forest.

Gate to Ao Nuan Beach of Koh Samet Island
Ah...the magical door! I'm saved! I'm saved!

Ao Nuan is a small beach located between two steep cliffs. Its remote location made it look like a private beach. There are very few people here.

Ao Nuan Beach of Koh Samet Island

This is where I made my last dip in the sea of Thailand. I savoured every second of it. ;-)

Take note that there is no entrance fee for Ao Nuan Beach but the tables and chairs in the area are for rent. What we did, so we can use a table to place our things, is to buy a bottle of beer. Tables at Ao Nuan Beach are for use by paying customers.

Lunch time came very quickly while we were having fun. We had no choice but to leave Ao Nuan and climb to the cliff to reach our next destination: Ao Cho Beach.

Cliff of Koh Samet Island

Ao Cho has more visitors than Ao Nuan but few people were on the beach since it was midday and it was very hot.

Ao Cho Beach of Koh Samet Island

We took our lunch at Tongta Pah View. The food there is good! Most of the dishes that we ordered are seafood. I enjoyed eating fresh fish meat and shellfish.

Our last destination was Ao Vongduen Beach where we rode the ferry back to the mainland.

Ao Vongduen Beach of Koh Samet Island

I enjoyed our beach hopping trip along the coast of Koh Samet Island. Now I can say to my friends that I visited 6 beaches in Thailand.

My two-day stay on Koh Samet Island is one of the best trips that I had in Thailand. I enjoyed my stay there because the place is beautiful and my companions are fun to be with. Too bad that our vacation to this “Wonder Island” is very short.


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  1. tagal ko na di nakaka tapak sa beach haha
    di na kasi suited para sa paliligo ung
    mga beach dito samen

  2. Nice beach hopping! And you are lucky you didnt get lost in the forest! Haha! Don't you just wish you can spend at least a few more days there? : )

    1. Yeah. I really wish that I've stayed longer on Koh Samet Island.


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