Thanks 2010 and Welcome 2011

It is about 6 hours before the dawn of year 2011 as I write this post of mine. Explosions are ringing everywhere as my neighbors and other people in my hometown are blasting one firecracker after another. I am also beginning to smell the good aroma of dishes that my Mom and Dad are preparing for our Media Noche (New Year's Eve Feast). I also prepared my own arsenal of firecrackers that I will use to welcome the year 2011.

Time sure fly very fast. It is as if just a few days ago that we had our Media Noche to welcome the year 2010. Now, we are here, saying goodbye to 2010 and welcoming 2011.

2010 had been a blessed year for me and my blog. I had met new friends through my blogs and through my Facebook and Twitter accounts. 2010 had also been a great year for me in learning new things about blogging.
Happy New Year!

2010 also had been an upheaval of sorts because I got enganged in fighting for the Faith that I believe for. I stood my ground in my belief that the Reproductive Health Bill will give more problems to the Philippines than its purported benefits. I became involved deeply in the fight against the RH Bill that I always argued and argued online, specifically on Twitter and Facebook (specifically on the I Oppose the RH Bill page).

This upheaval became an eye-opener for me. An incident fomented by a Rizal-impersonator pushed me to scrutinize my conscience to delve deeply into the Faith.

I am saying goodbye to 2010 and as I say goodbye, I want to say thank you to all of my good friends that spent their time on my blog reading and commenting. Thank you very much Mariel, Ren, Ate Liza, Ate Claire, parekoy Fiel-kun, Steve, LordCM, Poorprince, Sikoletlover, Nicxter, Faye, Leah, Aenid, Ate Bev, Rommel, Unknown Psalmist, Bluedreamer, Suitapui, Pen, Mommy Tots, Xprosiac, and the super-kulit Maartehin.

I want to especially thank these people:

Kashina - my newly found friend and a good sister. Thank you very much for the trust and the friendship. I am so glad to met you and even if haven't met personally, I feel your honesty and that you really mean well to me.

I want to especially thank my friends in I Oppose the RH Bill and 100% Katolikong Pinoy page. You help me to stand up, especially during the bleak times when all of the faithful were being mocked and assaulted left, right and within.

I also want to thank my beloved for making my 2010 full of love and happiness.

Finally, I also want to thank GOD for blessing me in the year 2010.

Lord God, thank you very much for all the blessings, love, and graces that You rained upon me. I am nothing yet You love me and continue to sustain me, my family, my beloved and all of my love ones.

Thank You very much Lord for 2010 and I am sure that You will continue blessing me in 2011.


So there my friends! Have a blessed 2011.

Be safe during the celebrations!

Hope that you keep visiting my blog in 2011.

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  1. Happy New Year Eve to u!! counting down for the New Year 2011!

  2. glad to know u this year too! altho its almost the end of the year time! :D

  3. Caroline! The first commenter. ^_^

    Thank you for the visit.

    It is so nice to meet you and am glad to gain another blogger friend before the year ends.

    Have a blessed 2011 Caroline.

  4. Thanks Mariel. ^_^

    May you have a blessed 2011.

  5. Happy New Year 2011! Time really flies and before you know it, I'm in Manila. Haha!!

  6. Haha...yeah, it is just few days more and the Panda will be here. ^_^

  7. All the best for 2011, God bless. Lots of firecrackers and fireworks here too...but I slept through the whole thing. Didn't hear a sound. LOL!!!

  8. HAPPY NEW YEAR, ISHMAEL. May this year bring us new successes and opportunities; and most of all good health.

  9. Thank you very much Ate Faye.

    God bless your year po.

  10. Nakakatouch! haha! :D Happy new year sayo kuya, sa family at sa beloved mo! :)

    thank you for being part of my 2010! :)-- maging masaya palagi. :) salamat :)

  11. Hi Ren, ^_^

    Thanks sa pagbisitaa. Have a blessed New Year. :-)

  12. Hi Ren, ^_^

    Thanks sa pagbisitaa. Have a blessed New Year. :-)

  13. for me, 2010 is so-far my best year ever cause i received lots of blessings!, gone through many obstacles that made me strong and learned lots of things, i mean in general!

    May we continue and shouldn't forget that still God is everything and the one who gives us blessings!, its his year every year!

    wishing you all the best for this year Ish, thank for giving such nice comments on my blog and i commend you for really reading and giving time for my posts!, same as to your blog for i hope that it'll be more successful!

    Happy new year Ish!

  14. Thanks steve.

    Tama ka. God is the center of all. Kung hindi nati ire0recognize si God eh siguradong magiging miserable ang buhay natin ngayon at hanggang eternity.

  15. sorry late reaction ako dito. hahaha. ngayon ko lang naisipan bumisita sa pinaka mean kong online friend. :))

    kidding aside, I adore how you fight for what you believe in especially when it comes to faith and that RH Bill. :) sana ung next guy ko MEDYO katulad mo pagdating sa religion tsaka ung mga sensible things ba... wag lang ung pagka-mean kasi for sure laging WORLD WAR un. ^_^

    I'm glad I've met a crazy ass yet smart friend like you. looking for more years to have kulitan times with you kuya ish.

  16. Ha! Mean ka d'yan. :-P

    Hehe..ikaw naman makulit. Super kulit.

    Kawawa naman yung previous guy mo. Inapi mo dito sablog ko. :-P

    Well, sana nga mahanap mo na ang guy na swak na swak sa iyo.

    Thanks for the friendship sa 2010. Hope you continue to be a good friend this 2011.


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