Ikaw na Nga My Househusband

I only managed to watch two movies in the 2011 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF). I am interested to watch Asiong Salonga's biopic at first because it was a long time since I saw a Pinoy action movie. I heard the issue of Manila Kingpin with its director and the botched up editing, which made me decide to avoid watching it. My beloved wanted to see Maricel Soriano starrer “Yesterday Today Tomorrow” but it was already pulled out of the Trinoma Cinema because it is at lowest end of the box office ratings. In the end, we decided to see Bong Revilla's movie, “Panday II,” and “My Househusband” that stars the real life couple Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos.

Panday is terrible because the movie was used as a political propaganda movie for Senator Revilla. I will not talk about Panday. I suggest that you to this review of the movie to understand how terrible it is. It was fortunate that we chose to watch My Househusband because it made up our afternoon that was wrecked by Bong Revilla's movie.

I expected My Househusband to hinge its story on the love triangle between Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo and the comedienne Eugene Domingo. This expectation was borne out of the movie's TV commercial that hinted on such story. Thus, it was a relief to discover that Eugene Domingo's character is not a mistress of Ryan Agoncillo's character.

My Househusband is a story of a man who was forced to be a stay-at-home husband (Ryan Agoncillo) after he resigned on his job as bank manager. His wife (Judy Ann Santos) took the helm in earning money for the family. The movie was spiced up by the presence of their “crazy” neighbor (Eugene Domingo) who acted as their conscience, of sorts.

What I like the most with this movie is that it made me laugh. Eugene Domingo is excellent is saying her punchlines. Her scenes is not “pilit” (forced), which is unlike the way Benjie Paras was used in “Ang Panday”.

Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos' acting in the movie are good. Being real life husband and wife made them act naturally as a couple in the movie.

Of the many Pinoy movies I watched last year, I rank My Househusband as one of the best. I believe that it is one of the best movie of the 2011 MMFF.


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  1. We were able to watch Shake, Rattle and Roll. It was ok, I guess. Hehehe! =)

  2. Average Jane

    My brother said that Shake Rattle and Roll was OK. He is a movie buff. So if he said that the movie is OK then I guess that it is. :-)


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