Killing Macho-s**t Will be Cool

I wish that I have an M-16 with me all the time, or maybe a simple “paltik” will do. And I also wish that I had the license to kill anybody, just like Agent 007. Why? Because some macho-s**t (a term for men who thinks that having many girls make them manly) out there never had a decency to shut his mouth up!

The rain this afternoon forced me to go to the LRT-3 Recto Station so that I could go home without the hassle of the flood and heavy traffic. There were these two men who keep on babbling about their officemate. They are talking about their office mate's escapade. Of many young college girls their officemate had “de-virginized.” Of how these girls allow themselves to have an affair with that guy. How they use those girls as sex objects. They even compared the current college girls with those during their college years. Apparently, the person they are talking about is a professor or someone who is working in a school. They even joked that one day, their officemate will be the one on the tabloid with a headline “Coed Tinuhog ng Prof” or something like.

How could they even joke? How dare they babble about such things in public? How dare they tolerate such acts? How could they let the Filipina be treated as sex objects?

The answer for all these question is that the two are a bunch of macho-s**t who kept on dreaming on “scoring” on college girls. Their tone hints that they want to emulate their office mate. They want to continue this violence against girls that are much younger than they. They want the student to be their sex objects.

I just want to shoot them right there and then and force them to tell where their office mate live so that I could erase him in this world.

Women activist woefully says that men and women are not equal in this country. I agree with them. Those two macho-s**ts just proved that many Filipinos are still not gender sensitive. That many Filipinos think that Filipinas are mere sex objects.

It is saddening. Really.

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  1. Come one bro. Let us start the killing. :-)

  2. I wish them to get all dried up. Oops.

  3. old post of yours but still very relative. This one is included on my list of "Maling Yabang ng Pinoy". Sad to say, it's being passed on by these dumb guys to their sons as part of "tradition" and "machismo".

    1. Surprised that you unearthed this ancient post of mine. Yeah, these men think that having sex with lots of women is being macho. What they couldn't understand is that they are using sex as a means to remove their doubts on their manhood.


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