All I Want for Christmas

Xoxo_Grah of the Chicturista blog tagged me a question about what I want for Christmas. Unfortunately, I didn't notice her tag because I wasvery busy last December. I only saw her post 3 days after Christmas.

It is not too late, however, to say my Christmas wishes because the the Christmas Season will actually end at the Epiphany, which is on January 6. Also, Christmas will happen again on December 25 of this year. Since it is several months before the next Christmas, my wishes will echo my long-term plans for AD 2013.
Christmas tree

Here are the rules:

1. Kindly use the same TITLE as well as the FIRST PHOTO that I put here (that blurry picture of a Christmas Tree).
2  List 6 things that you want to receive for Christmas.
3. Tag 6 of your friends to make the same post (no tag backs).
4. Send the link, so I could check it out too.

Since this is a late post, I will disobey Rule 3. Here are my wishes for the coming Christmas:

1. Deeper Faith
Praying the Rosary
(Source: USCCB)

Regular readers will see this coming. :-) But yes, that is one of my fervent wish. To deepen my faith in our God. Hopefully, I am a better person next Christmas.

2. Complete Family
(Source: USS Parenting)

I want to see my love ones in good health and safe from any harm next Christmas.

3. Wedding
Catholic wedding
(Source: Hakimsons Films)

One of my great wishes is to become a husband this year. I am crossing my fingers for this. Hope that I am already a married man next Christmas.

4. Good health
Healthy heart
(Source: HWIA)

I can't achieve my first three wishes if I am not healthy. So, I hope that I am in good health for this whole year.

5. Better Work Output
Men at work.
(Source: Winship)

Work is not only for making money but also for serving other people. I wish that I will be a better employee.

6. A Better Blog
(Source: Increase RSS)

Yes. I want to have ablog with better layout, more readers, more commenters and more earnings. I have to work double-time for this blog to make these happen.

So, these are my grand wishes for the next Christmas. I hope that I will be able to accomplish these things this year. Carpe diem!

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  1. Good luck...hope all your wishes come true, especially No.3. Invite me, ya! LOL!!!

  2. will pray for you bro that you'll be able to achieve all your wishes for this year. Happy new year!

  3. napaka meaningful at sincere naman ng wish list mo
    na guilty tuloy ako sakin
    well i know matutupad yan in jesus name!

    1. Ngek. No need to be guilty. Thank you. Hope na matupad nga.


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