Procession of the Virgin of Antipolo

I happened to drop by Quiapo Church while I'm on my way to NAIA Terminal 3. I was surprised to see many people inside the church even though it is not Friday.
Many people inside Quiapo Church

When the Mass ended, I saw the image of Mama Mary being carried from the altar to Plaza Miranda amidst the throng of devotees waving their white handkerchiefs.
Our Lady of Antipolo inside Quiapo Church

What I witnessed is the start of the "Alay Lakad" of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, who is popularly known as Our Lady of Antipolo. The procession proceeded to the image's permanent residence in Antipolo Cathedral.
Close encounter with Our Lady of Antipolo
A devotee's close encounter with Our Lady of Antipolo.

The "Alay Lakad" is done in the evening of April 30th until dawn of May 1st. The procession done to commemorate the return of the blessed image from Quiapo Church to Antipolo Cathedral on 1945. Our Lady of Antipolo reached Quiapo Church when she was evacuated from Antipolo Cathedral during the Second World War.

The faithful devotees, with their great gratitude to God, join the yearly Alay Lakad in honor of Mama Mary.

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