Second Night in Puerto Princesa: Sisig Night at Kinabuch’s

Our trip to Puerto Princesa will never be complete without tingling our taste buds with any Palaweño delicacy. So, we shunned Jollibee and Mang Inasal and went to local restaurants to taste the pride of Puerto Princesa City.

For our first night, we dined at Haim Chicken Inato where we enjoyed the Palaweño-styled chicken inasal.

I wanted our next dinner date to be as good as our first, so I googled for the best restaurants in Puerto Princesa. I searched for a restaurant with good food but not heavy on the budget (we’re on a budget trip after all). TripAdvisor listed 77 restaurants in Puerto Princesa City and of the top 10, we chose Kinabuch’s Grill and Bar.

KInabuch's Bar and Grill, Puerto Princesa City

Kinabuch’s was crowded and almost all of the table were occupied. I guess being in the top 10 list of TripAdvisor drew this crowd. A staff immediately approached and brought us to a bar styled table with high stools.

I didn’t like the table assigned to us but I didn’t complain. We were here for the food so this was not a problem. Well, at least we got best view of the pool table. I wished, though, that Efren “Bata” Reyes was the one playing.

BIlliard pool at KInabuch's Bar and Grill, Purto Princesa City

My Beloved Wife Lei wasn’t feeling well that night. She was exhausted of the all the snorkeling, beaching, and island hopping during our Honda Bay Tour. She’s even on the brink of a having a flu.

Puerto Princesa - Kinabuch's Sizzling Dishes

Since Lei didn’t want to eat anything, we just ordered one hot plate of Sizzling Seafood Sisig, two cups of rice and canned softdrinks.

I brought Lei to Kinabuch’s so that she could taste their famous crocodile dishes. I already tasted crocodile meat in Australia, which I enjoyed. I wanted to share that experience with her but she didn’t have the appetite for it.

Exotic tamilok dishes in Kinbuch's Bar and Grill, Puerto Princesa City

Kinabuch’s offers three crocodile dishes: the Croc Adobado, Croc a la Bicol Express, and Croc Sisig. Each of them costs 345 pesos per order.

I also wanted to try their famous tamilok dishes then decided against it. Lei didn’t want to try tamilok and I also thought that I might not like it (and waste money on it). Tamilok is a kind of woodworm which is actually a relative of oysters and other shellfish. It is the most exotic food in Palawan.

Puerto Princesa - Kinabuch's sizzling seafood sisig

Our Sizzling Seafood Sisig came after a few minutes of waiting. It was bon appétit for me but not for Lei. She just ate a portion of her rice and then gave them all to me.

It was a quick dinner for me. We paid the bill and then immediately returned to our hotel. My Beloved Wife needed to take a good rest.

In short, we didn’t enjoy our second dinner date in Puerto Princesa.

Kinabuch’s Sizzling Seafood Sisig tasted good but there’s nothing stellar about it. I guess I’m just comparing it with the other sisigs that I tasted in restaurants outside of Puerto Princesa. With its outdoor ambience and pool tables, I believe that Kinabuch’s is one of the best place in Puerto Princesa for beer and night outs.

We spent a total of 345 pesos for this dinner date. Our meal composed of the sizzling seafood sisig (230 pesos), garlic rice (30 pesos), plain rice (15 pesos), and two canned softdrinks (70 pesos). This not expensive and I believe that we got what we paid for.

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  1. Wish I could try that sizzling seafood dish... Never seen anything like it before.

    1. Ah, that's sisig. I think that you can order that in a Filipino restaurant near your place.

  2. Love Kinabuch's! We ate there 2x when we were at Puerto Princesa. But we usually just ate seafood. Sarap kasi e. :)


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