An Invitation to Reparation for the CCP Sacrilege

All are invited to join the PROCESSION OF REPARATION at the Cultural Center of the Philippines complex on Sunday, August 14, 2011, the Vigil of the Assumption. We shall all assemble at the CITEM parking lot of the PNB (along Roxas Boulevard). We shall pass through Roxas Blvd., turn left to Vicente Sotto Avenue, turn right to Magdalena Jalandoni Avenue, turn right to Pedro Bukakeng Avenue, turn right to the CCP facade where we shall end with prayers of reparation and disperse afterwards.

This is not a political rally but purely a religious event. There will be no speeches, just prayers of reparation for the sacrilege of the art exhibit put up in the CCP premises which dishonored the images of our Lord. We request the faithful to bring with you your sacred images or icons. Santeros who have processional images in their care are enjoined to come. You may mount processional images on their carozzas or on pick up trucks. It will be like the triumph of Orthodoxy at the end of the 7th ecumenical council!

Let us all make reparation because our Lord is very much offended! Please spread the news! 

I agree. It is high time for all Christians to act as one to ask for forgiveness to the insult that was made by Mideo Cruz and allies against our God. If we really love God, then we will not allow anyone to make fun of Him.

We must also realize that Jesus Christ is already the King of the heaven and earth. He is already reigning in this world because He redeemed the people by His death on the Cross. What Mideo Cruz and allies is an obvious sign of rebellion against our King.

May the Lord listen to our plea. May Mideo Cruz and allies open their hearts to the Grace of God. May they see the errors of their ways.

This post was copied from Father Jojo Zerrudo's blog.

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