A One-time Binalot Dinner

Dinner time caught me inside a mall at Legazpi City. I decided to try another fastfood restaurant because I'm tired of eating at Mang Inasal and Chic-Boy. I also don't want to eat at Jollibee or McDonalds. I saw Binalot restaurant at the foodcout and decided to give their food a try.

Binalot is a Filipino word which means “wrapped”. Balot or pabalot is a Filipino habit where the visitor is given wrapped food that he can take back home. I believe that this is what the Binalot restaurant is trying to capture.

The girl at the Binalot counter told me that the best food on their menu is the Tapa Rap Sarap. She even joked that I will forgot my girlfriend's name if I try it. I almost told my companion to try other restaurant because I don't want to forget my beloved's name.

I ordered the Tapa Rap Sarap, which costs 89 pesos. Tapa is cured or dried meat. Sarap is the Filipino word for delicious. Rap is just a nonsense word placed by Binalot to make the name of the food sound cool. So, Tapa Rap Sarap means “delicious cured meat”.

Our order came and, true to the restaurant's name, the Tapa Rap Sarap was binalot (wrapped) in banana leaves.
Tapa Rap Sarap of Binalot
Tapa Rap Sarap on banana leaves.

Well, the tapa is indeed masarap. The salted eggs and sliced tomato that accompanied the tapa enhanced the taste. I might order it again if I eat at Binalot in the future.


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  1. Yummmmm!!!! Looks yummy! Balut in Malay/Malaysian language means wrapped too.

  2. This is indeed yummy STP.

    Cool! We had the same word for wrapped. ^_^

  3. Is it the same as the Binalot stores in Manila? If it is, then sarap nga yan! Banana leaves make food taste better. =)

  4. Yes Average Jane.

    It is the same Binalot Restaurant found in Manila. Bale Legazpi City Branch yung pinuntahan ko.

    Masarap talaga 'yung Tapa Rap Sarap nila. Baka may epekto nga yung dahon ng saging.

  5. muka ngang delisyoso. try ko minsan :))

  6. I love their tapa! Sa SM naman kami kumakain ng binalot.

  7. Mukhang fan ka ng Binalot Ate Anney. :-)

  8. Thank you for the excellent posts!

  9. very Good post Thank you!


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