Almost Ordered a Wedding Cake from Bakerite Bakery

Our search for the best wedding cake supplier brought us to an almost obscure bakery in Quiapo District of Manila. I said it is obscure because we had a hard time finding it. Good thing that we crossed Quezon Boulevard from Quiapo Church and found the bakery at the other half of Hidalgo Street.

The bakery that I’m talking about is Bakerite.

Bakerite Manila

Bakerite, established in 1946, is one of the oldest bakeries in Manila. It is older than Bakers’Fair that I posted about earlier. Bakerite is so old school that even its website logo is reminiscent of the old hand drawn artworks.
Logo of Bakerite Manila
(Source: Bakerite website)

We checked Bakerite's catalog during our visit to their shop and they have beautifully designed wedding cakes like this one:
Fondant wedding cake from Bakerite Manila
(Source: Bakerite FB page)

Bakerite offers traditional wedding cakes and fondant cakes. Normal wedding cakes with one layer are priced from 1,800 to 4,000 pesos depending on the design. Here is a sample of traditional wedding cake from Bakerite:
Wedding cake from Bakerite Manila
(Source: Bakerite FB page)

There are plenty of beautiful wedding cake designs in Bakerite's catalog. Fortunately, cake designs can also be seen in Bakerite's Facebook page. Any couple who want to try Bakerite for their wedding cakes can check that FB page.

Bakerite's best offer, which I think can draw the attention of soon-to-be-wed couples, is that they can make wedding cakes based on the images from the Internet. A Bakerite staff told us about it and I think that offer is pretty good.

Yes. This means that you can print the image of the beautiful wedding cake that you saw in the Internet and ask Bakerite to make a copy of it. The price, of course, depends on the complexity of your wedding cake. 

Why We Didn't Order a Wedding Cake from Bakerite

Bakerite has affordable and beautiful wedding cakes but what prevented us from booking them is that they don't deliver. This means that we will be worrying about the transport of our wedding cake from Bakerite to the reception venue.

This was an added headache so we decided not to get a wedding cake from Bakerite.

Soon-to-be-wed couples should consider the lack of delivery service before ordering a wedding cake from Bakerite. But if you have the means to transport the cake, then I say go and order a cake from them.

For more information about Bakerite's wedding cakes, please visit Bakerite's website or their Facebook page. You may also call (02) 523-1290 or (02) 710-5860. You can also visit them at this address: 923 R. Hidalgo St. Quiapo, Manila.

Take note that Bakerite is located near Manuel L. Quezon University (MLQU).

Check the map below for easy reference.


Did you come here to know more about wedding cake suppliers? If your answer is “yes” then I suggest that you read my posts about the wedding cakes from Red Ribbon Bakeshop and Goldilocks, Bakers' Fair, and Salazar Bakery.

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  1. That's hard. Sama they would consider delivery in the future. So their business would grow more. I also think Red Ribbon had a good selection. Looks nice din. Medyo expensive nga lang then this yata. =)

    1. Tama po kayo. Dapat talaga mag-deliver sila ng wedding cake. To think that they been in the baking industry for a very long time dapat matagal na silang may ganitong service for their patrons.


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