When it Rains, It Pours

I am experienced a downpour last week. No, it is not because of the Typhoon Mina that ruined my long weekend. What I am talking about is the downpour of recognition that I am receiving from my fellow bloggers.

Last time, I received the Commendable Comments Award from Steve. Now, another blogger friend cared to give me another another award. That blogger is Anney of the blog, Blog ni Ako. Anney gave me the:

I am glad that Anney gave me this recognition. Thank you very much for this Anney. This is the second time I received the Versatile Award. Foong gave me this award last year.

This award is not a simple award but the requires the receiver to say seven random things about himself. I already gave seven random things about me on the Versatile Award post that I received from Foong. However, to keep the ball rolling, I will give seven new random thing about me, and here they are:

1. I am a Pokemon addict and I became hooked with Pokemon the first time I saw it on TV when I am still a high school student. I am still playing Pokemon up until now even if I am already beyond my teenage years.

2. People who I met online think that I am an outspoken person because of my active stance on various issues like the RH Bill. The truth is I am a silent person in real life and some of my acquaintances consider me as a boring person.

3. I travel mostly south of Metro Manila and you can see the proof on the Lakbayan Map posted on the bottom left of my blog. My plan is to travel north of Metro Manila in my future travels.

4. I don't own a cat and I don't plan owning a cat as a pet although one of my dream pet is a tiger.

5. I love eating sweets, especially chocolates. I can gobble five Hershey bars plus some Toblerones on one sitting.

6. I don't cook, I just eat. However, I might learn to cook in the future because my beloved is asking me to cook special dishes for her ^_^.

7. I am not fond of giving presents because I have that this fear that people will not like my presents for them. That is why I tell my friends not to expect gifts from me.

So, those are the seven random things about me. To continue the fun, I am tagging Suitapui, Steve, Maarteh, Kuya Diamond, and Caroline May Ling for the Versatile Award.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this award.ang saya.

  2. You deserve the award! Naku I love eating sweets din pero nagpipigil ako lalo na sa chocolates!

  3. Anney

    Welcome talaga Ate. ^_^

    Pareho pala tayong sweet tooth. I love chocolates!

  4. Congratulations on the award...and thanks, but no thanks. I don't do tags. Lazy... LOL!!!

  5. apir! memorize mo ba ung pokemon bago magsimula? ako memorized ko un! bwahahahaha. :))

    apir ulet! i love chocolates. pahingi naman ako kung meron ka. hehehe

    thank you sa award kuya iiisssssshhhh! tsup! tsup! :))))

  6. Suitapui

    You are lazy eh. :-P Thank you for dropping by.


    Yung opening song ba ng Pokemon anime yung sinasabi mo? Aba, alam ko nga 'yun.

    Pasensya na, inubos ko na 'yung Hersheys bar ko dito. Bumili ka na lang ha.

    You are welcome Maarteh.


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