Why I am Not a Fan of Chicharabao

One of my co-workers brought a different kind of chicharon as pasalubong from her hometown in Cagayan.


Chicha-rabao is a chicharon made from carabao skin.

The Chicharabao that I got is the Onion and Vinegar Flavor.

Chicharabao tastes good. It is crunchy. It is a little bit spicy. It is salty.

What I didn't like with Chicharabao is its smelly aftertaste. The smell is not terrible but I am not accustomed to the smell of carabao meat.

If Chicharabao loses the smelly aftertaste then I might give Chicharabao another try.

- - -

Chicharabao is the "One Town, One Product" (OTOP) of Tuguegarao City, Cagayan. I suggest that you try this if you're in Cagayan and maybe the smelly aftertaste that I complain about is not a big deal to you.


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