Honda Bay Tour (Part 2): Killing Time at Luli Island

We left Starfish Island after an enjoyable snorkeling session to go to another Honda Bay island with a peculiar name. That island is called by the locals as Luli Island. Its name was peculiar because it is a combination of two words: lulubog and lilitaw, which means sinking and rising.

Honda Bay Tour - welcome to Luli Island

Palaweños gave the island that peculiar name because it sinks (lulubog) during high tide and rise (lilitaw) during the low tide.

Good thing that we visited Luli Island during low tide. We a have plenty of dry land to walk around.

Honda Bay Tour - Luli Island

Actually, there’s too much dry land on Luli Island during low tide making it look like a big desert.

Honda Bay Tour - Cottages on Luli Island

Roger, our tour guide, brought us to one of the cottages/multipurpose hall because it is where we will have our lunch. Unfortunately, our food was delayed and we had to wait around one hour before Roger can set the table.

So, instead of waiting for our lunch, Lei and I decided to go around the island.

The first thing that we did is to go back to the sea (because we wanted to swim as much as we could in Palawan (because we will never get that chance in Metro Manila (because Manila Bay is very polluted))). A signage blocked our way before we reached the sea. It says:

Beware of the jellyfish in Luli Island, Honda Bay

We didn’t want jellyfish sting ruin our vacation so we just stayed in the fenced part of the sea.

My Beloved Wife in Honda Bay
My Beloved Wife is having fun! :-)

The boatman knew that I was disappointed because I didn’t get any decent photo when we snorkeled at Starfish Island so he helped us snorkel at Luli Island.

Unfortunately, the coral reef at Luli Island is nothing compared to the reef at Starfish Island. The fishes and other marine life are lesser in number too. Well, at least I managed to photograph some fishes with my camera.

Fishes in Honda Bay

Our group feasted on a simple lunch prepared by the tour agency. We had the pinakbet, adobong pusit, inihaw na bangus, and pork inihaw. Another tour group that shared our cottage had grander food selections. I didn’t envy them, however, because I know that their Honda Bay Tour is expensive.

Lunch in Luli Island, Honda Bay
Bon appétit!

We enjoyed our simple lunch not only because of the food but also because of the people in our group. Our group consisted of a family and two American ladies. All of them were nice and it was very easy for us to get along with them.

There is nothing much to see on Luli Island. It is just a stretch of sand that made me think of the Panday movies of FPJ that were set in desert areas.

Luli Island, Honda Bay

The island is one of the common destination for the Honda Bay tours so expect the place to be a little crowded, especially when bancas come to drop their tourists. Good thing there were few people on Luli Island during our visit.

Boats at Luli Island, Honda Bay

There’s not much activity on the island and I guess it just serves as stopover by programmed tours for lunch. The only amenities available are the cottages where tour guides bring their wards to kill time.

Flags on Luli Island, Honda Bay

Our tour guide was successful in killing our time on Luli Island, especially that the island will be the second to the last island that we will visit for the day. Pandan Island, which was supposedly included in our tour, was closed to tourists.

I know that this made us “lugi” but we didn’t complain. Lei and I got what we wanted and that is to go to the beach and dip in the sea as much as we want.

Well, our time on Luli Island is up. It is time for us to go to another island that goes by the name Cowrie.

My Beloved Wife at Luli Island, Honda Bay


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  1. Lovely underwater shot...and food! Yum! Yummmm!!!

  2. Looks really nice. My mom and her sister are the beach bums of the family, which was mainly why most of our family vacays were in resorts and beaches. Me, on the other hand, love historical tours (like Intramuros and the like). Not really a beach person. Nahawa nga din yata si Little One ko. Hehehe! =D

    1. Pareho pala tayo Tin. I prefer historical tours than lazying on the beach. Si Mrs Ahab naman gusto ang beach. I hope mahawa rin yung anak namen na parehong pumunta sa beach at sa historical sites.


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