I Thought I Saw Gyarados in Thammasat University

Located near the UFO-shaped Wat Phra Dhammakaya are two reputable educational institutions in Thailand, namely the Thammasat University and the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT).

Thamassat University is very near to the place where I stayed so I go to this place frequently. I usually spent afternoons biking around the campus to shake off boredom or to inject physical activity to my sedentary lifestyle.

A building in Thamassat University

Thamassat University is similar to my alma mater University of the Philippines- Diliman. It has plenty of trees and wide green spaces. Biking around Thammasat University feels good because of this, especially during days when there is no class.

I enjoyed biking around the campus so much that I forgot to take photos. The only place that caught my attention (and was photographed therefore) is this.

Fottball stadium of Thamassat University

At the background is the Thammasat University's football stadium, which is just one of the university's sports facilities. This campus seems to look like a sports complex because it was the location of the 1998 Asian Games.

What actually caught my attention are these two big statues of serpents.

Giant snakes in Thamassat University

These snakes are Nagas, the big snakes living under the earth and water regions of the earth. They often appear in Brahman, Hindu and Buddhist literatures and legends. They guard the hidden wealth of the earth and they can control the rains.

I immediately thought that the statues represents Gyarados of the Pokemon world.

A naga in Thamassat University

Oh well. I'm not in the Pokemon world do I'm stuck with this statue.

Naga is not a unique creature in Asia because they also appear in European texts, particularly in old nautical charts. Cartogphers usually draw large serpents in the water regions of the world. I think that ancient Europeans believe that giant serpents caused the great perils at sea.

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  1. Wow, as in Wow! ang ganda naman ng Thammasat University. Parang bigla kong naalala yung Lyceum University sa Cavite :))

    Ayy uu nga, hawig ni Gyarados ung mga Naga statues hehe!

    1. Hmmmm...parang gusto ko tuloy na bumisita sa Lyceum University na sinabi mo.

  2. Lots of dragons and temples in Thailand - they're everywhere.

  3. It's nice to see their sports stadium still looking well. I read a Reader's Digest article that showed some of the sports complexes in really bad shape since they were left to rot after the Olympic or Asian or any other global sports event. =)

    1. They put the sport complex to another use and that's a good thing. Sayang naman yung ginastos ng Thai government kung hayaan lang nilang mabulok itong mga stadiums sa Thammasat.


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