Adios Fremantle City

My one-week seminar is finally over. I had no other choice but to say good bye to this little city of Western Australia. I have a learned a lot of things during the short but extensive seminar that I attended. Unfortunately, what remained on my mind are a few concepts and some of them are slipping away. This, I guess, is the normal course of things. You keep some but lose more of the things that you had learned.

What I will remember for a long time will be my adventures in Fremantle City. The tourist destinations in this is city are excellent, though not as ancient as the ones in the Philippines. My favorite tourist spot in this city is the Round House. Fremantle Prison might become my favorite if I got the chance to “do time” in it.

I took a last walk along the beach of Bathers Bay. The sun is setting and the view is good.
Fremantle City sunset

Seems like the setting sun of Fremantle City is saying good bye to me as well.

Adios Fremantle City, I don't think that I will visit you again.


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  1. Bat naman you won't visit again? =(

  2. Average Jane

    Kasi wala po akong pera para makagala sa labas ng Pinas. Nalibre lang po ako ng opisina kaya nakagala ako sa Fremantle City.

  3. Malay mo namn mag 2nd libre ang opis at makagala ka uli! I love the sunset shot!

  4. Nawa'y magdilang anghel ka Ate Anney. :-)

  5. You should have committed a crime, get arrested and then you will have the opportunity to 'do time' in Fremantle Prison! LOL!!

  6. Yeah, I normally forget 80% of what I learnt at seminar! haha!! Unless I recorded the whole training : D

  7. Ooh! Don't you feel a bit sad leaving a place? Even if the place is not really that fun? I always have this feeling. So hard to say goodbye : (

  8. Foong

    They will not take me to the historic Fremantle Prison if I do crime. They will take me a modern jail. :-P

    I didn't feel sad because I look forward to going home.


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